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About Us

We Tell Stories Through Our Daily Travel Episodes To Inspire And Get You Motivated!

GrandRoyal travel Blog’s sole aim is to give tips and great ideas on how people can travel on vacations or holidays, business or educational trips with a meager and affordable travel budget. We also give many ideas on how people can make hundreds of dollars while traveling with our daily inspirational travel stories

We go worldwide to find out where the new hotspots are. We give a well-detailed and comprehensive process on how you can visit these places and the most affordable rates and prices. We also give you all the best strategies to make money while you see your destination of choice. , We have made it a lifestyle always to reveal stunning and affordable locations where you can relax on the most spectacular beaches and where to find the hidden gems in big cities. 

Because traveling is what we love, and we know you do too! With GrandRoyal travel Blog, you will get a selection of mouthwatering travel stories delivered right to your inbox and also send you amazing discount codes and tickets so you can dream away behind your desk and get inspired for your next trip with GrandRoyal travel Blog.


We are a travel-based unit extending our service through GrandRoyal travel Blog in Germany. Traveling is a fun-filled experience that keeps both body and soul together. We aim to provide adequate information on how travel lovers can have a perfect and fun-filled travel experience without worrying about budgets or the high costs of travel expenses. 

We also give you innovative ideas for your tour requirement. Be it Historical, Educational, Business, Health, Cultural, or pleasure tours. 

This way, GrandRoyal travel Blog provides better service for people worldwide for a more enriching experience & Information while you join our travel episodes.

Unlike most of the contemporary scenarios of the Travel and Tourism Industry, GrandRoyal travel Blog offers maximum value for your money by providing you with specific target locations, keeping a premium Standard in our complete service with a feeling of being well served most professionally.

GrandRoyal travel Blog also tries to give honest reviews on locations, hotels, flights, restaurants and all that revolves around travel and tour destinations. We make it a habit to provide accurate Information and keep sentiments away from our reviews, making us committed to quality service. 

Our new GrandRoyal Travel Booking Platform is the booking platform we created. Our subscribers will be able to thoroughly compare Cheap flights, affordable hotels, five-star restaurants with fantastic discount rates, car rentals, ship cruises, excellent and affordable locations, and much more.  

This new booking platform, just like any other famous booking platform, is an affiliate website created to combinate and collect thousands of tour destinations thousands of hotels around the world from three stars to five stars. 

Our booking platform also has partnerships and access to over two million airlines, so subscribers have various flight deals to compare and make their best choices, hundreds of cheap car rental deals for your perfect choices, hundreds of ship cruises, and a lot more. 

We get some commissions from these partnered companies if you decide to make your reservation through our booking platform. We also welcome Feedback to evolve in the product and service space continuously. We look forward to your mentorship and motivation to help us offer you the best and most competitive fares, products, and services.

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