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How To Become a Travel Photographer.

Do you like sceneries and view them from different perspectives? Do you sometimes want to capture moments, so it remains forever? Do you enjoy just sitting, observing and capturing moments? Do you desire to share those freezes moments with the world? Then become a travel photographer!

Travel photography entails taking pictures of places and things wherever you travel. Photographers are unique -they see what others don’t. They are patient, waiting until that perfect moment and their fingers click away on the camera. They see a picture in virtually everything! In fact, their stamina and flexibility are fantastic, and their passion for travelling and taking photographs is enticing.

Although, it is not always easy living this kind of life. It is not always about fun and travelling, and it is not just about leisure; it involves hard work. Becoming a professional photographer involves a lot of sacrifices, and contrary to what people believe, it doesn’t pay off immediately. There are many things to be done, like getting a good camera, changing camera gear; you may need to strive through countless rejections, always on the go and motivate yourself. However, if you decide to walk down this path, get ready to live a life everyone will want to be part of.

  • To start, here are a few tips:

Set goals

What type of pictures interests you? What scenes do you love freezing? Do you prefer capturing landscapes and natural wonders, wildlife, people, art and cultural landmarks, events, food or architecture, or everything mentioned above? Would you instead work in wild environments or concrete jungles? In modern environment or ancient environment? Will you work for a travel publication, or you will like to have your art gallery? Or would you rather be a freelance photographer?

These are questions you need to think about and answer before starting anything to help you achieve your aim. Of course, you can decide to change your perspective in the future, but it is essential to focus while stating.

Take a Photography Class

Photography is not just about clicking buttons. There is a lot involved in taking professional pictures. You should also know the art of photo editing. Although you can learn by yourself, you can not teach yourself everything, no matter how disciplined you are. You must take a course to improve your editing and photography skills. You can register in a college that offers photography courses and attend in person, or you can browse the net and find photography courses online.

You can take a class for a particular lesson or take a full-length photography course that specializes in travel photography. In addition, some online courses are free and some you pay for, it depends on what you want. You can even find a how-to video on YouTube.

Go on Internship

Go on internship. Study under someone who is already in the field. Doing this opens you up to a world of experiences. Also, you get to learn about the job and its challenges in a real-life setting, which will prepare you for the future. Go on to find exciting and available photography internships.

Find Your Own Space

It is entertaining travelling to places and taking pictures, so the profession is very competitive. The way you think about it is how the other person is thinking about it. So to survive in this profession, you must find a way to stand out. Photography is a form of expression. As a painter expresses his view of a concept, your pictures depict your view of the world. This expression is very peculiar to you, and the challenge is how to present these expressions to the world in a way that stands out. Furthermore, it would help if you found your speciality area (a subject matter), technique and aesthetic within travel photography, as this will help carve out your artistic signature.

Have Your Camera at all Times

Being a professional travel photographer entails always carrying a camera anywhere you are! On the way to the airport, in a plane or bus or train, your work starts once you leave your front door. Anything that occurs while on the road or sceneries that appeal to you even though it’s not in your destination, you will need to capture it. And you can’t do that if you do not have a camera handy.

Keep Practicing

Practice, they say, makes perfect. This is one reason you should always have your camera. If you intend to improve and excel in your chosen field, you must practice. You have to take pictures of different subjects and scenes in other lighting conditions. And to do this, you need to keep taking pictures consistently. Indeed, photography is a beautiful art. It is fun and has a hint of spontaneity. You are open to trial and error; it’s all part of the learning process. It will help you develop your unique style of photography.

Study other Travel Photographers

Study other photographers especially travel photographers. Study the works of those who inspire you. You can try to imitate their work. This can help you improve yours. Imitation is the fastest way of learning. Find out the type of cameras, lenses, and techniques they use: the editing method and app that creates that unique finishing. Also, check out photographers like Paul Nicklen, Palani Mohan, Stephanie Sinclair, Blake Gordon and Maggie Steber and their works and be inspired!


There is no travel photography without travelling. You will have to visit different places. Although you mustn’t go too far places before you can take pictures, surely you can take travel pictures in your home town. Who knows, it might be a travel destination for someone else. The goal is to create phenomenal travel pictures that will take people who look at the photos back in time, to that very moment that you froze. Make your discounted flight and hotel bookings here.

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Shot of a young man taking photographs while hiking in the mountains


Create an online portfolio or blog

Have a platform for showcasing your work. Create a website where you publish your work. It would help if you did it because people want to see your works before hiring you. You must prove that you are incredibly good at it.

Be visible on social media.

Social media is a powerful tool to reach out to people. People spend time online looking at pictures of places they wish to someday. It won’t be wrong if yours is one of them. If you are on a quest to become a travel photographer, social media can be your best friend. People love looking at beautiful photographs taken in places they have only dreamed about visiting. Thus, this is a platform you can use to your advantage and kick start your career. Instagram, Facebook and even WhatsApp are social media platforms with millions of subscribers.

Photography contests

Being part of a photography contest can shoot you out and make you outstanding. As you are still trying to build a career, being part of a contest can get you closer to master in the field. And it exposes your works tremendously and helps create a fan club. A contest also motivates you; it’s exciting to have a deadline and specific following parameters. This also makes practice for a successful future as a travel photographer.


Sell your pictures

Through your website or blog, you can sell prints of your photographs. You can also sell them in the market, at a local art festival, art shop or boutique. Well, you’re doing this; you can also continue working hard to make a name for yourself in the field. This career is not a fast and furious kind, where you get rich and climb the ladder so fast. No, it takes consistency, hard work, investments (camera equipment is not cheap) and determination. Also, you can even decide to make pillowcases, mugs and t-shirts with your photo prints and sell them!

Post your photos in stock image libraries

Upload your photos in stock image websites like iStock, Shutterstock and Adobe Stock and get paid for them. Of course, you have to make your pictures unique. Accordingly, each time any of the images you uploaded is purchased, you will receive a royalty.

Submit your photos to travel and lifestyle magazines

This is a lifetime opportunity once you get it. Many travel photographers are seeking their works published in one of these magazines. Thus, to achieve this, you have to be hardworking and develop your style. Your pictures have to be unique! You can get your work on National Geographic if you are accomplished, experienced and truly the best.

Find paid blog posts.

Like blogs hire writers to create content, some blogs hire talented photographers to provide visual content. Look for this type of work on freelance forums like Freelancer, Hired and Upwork. Find these job listing sites and regularly apply for listings that interest you. Also, your frequency in applying will help you gain experience and increase your chances of getting hired.

Submit to advertising and marketing companies

Sometimes, these companies require travel photos of exotic destinations, beautiful landscapes, vibrant cities, luminous skylines, and so on in their advertisements and marketing strategies. The idea most times is to get the attention of potential buyers or clients or sell a particular good or service by promoting a type of lifestyle. Therefore, signing a contract with these companies can prove a profitable way to pursue your passion for travel photography.
Just get started! Lastly, remember to book your flights and hotels here.

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