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As usual, there are application forms for Germans that are willing to travel to the Philippines during this COVID-19. However, these forms come with current Philippines entry requirements. One of the requirements is that all travellers must certainly obtain the e-CIF. An e-CIF is a health declaration form or document needed to enter the country.

The Government of the Philippines has introduced and fully adopted this entry requirement due to the raving COVID-19 pandemic. To fasten the process for eligible tourists visiting the Philippines, the government of the Philippines provided the eTA. Thus, the eTA stands for “Electronic Travel Authorization”. All eligible tourists can now make use of the Philippines electronic travel authorization system to access the Philippines.


This program or system allows foreigners to obtain a visa waiver for travelling to the Philippines online.
This means that travellers wouldn’t have to attend an in-person interview at any Philippine Embassy or even consulate to receive their travel documentation. For travelling to most countries now after the raving COVID-19 pandemic, it is now of paramount importance that there is no human contact.

The sizeable human traffic is also not aiding the goal to reduce human contact since the covid virus pandemic.
Germans can now very swiftly and conveniently submit their Philippines electronic travel authorization application from Germany. It beats time! Since the primary goal of this program’s system is for eligible applicants to lodge their requests from anywhere in the world.

However, most people still wonder if German citizens must get a Visa or an eTA before travelling to the Philippines. Well, the good news is this! German citizens are currently permitted to enter the Philippines for about thirty (30) days without a visa of any kind. Additionally, the Filipino government has announced that they would release a visa waiver for Germany and every other country in recent times.

This visa waiver is to ensure that these countries can now enter visa-free to the Philippines. Thus, once this happens, the Germans will need to apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to the Philippines before departure. However, those planning to visit the Philippines for other non-tourism reasons or purposes may warrant the application for a traditional visa rather than the Philippines’ Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) for Germans.

It is important to note that the visas for the Philippines fall into two broad categories. The immigrant visas and the non-immigrant visas. The non-immigrant visas cover individuals from Germany travelling to the Philippines to pursue work, expatriate business, study, etc.


Now also understand that there are Philippines Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) Requirements from Germany.
Many local authorities have pointed out the glaring fact that the Philippines’ visa policy is about to change with the introduction of electronic travel authorization (eTA). Although, not all details are public.
However, specific Philippines entry requirements for the eTA will remain mandatory for German nationals who want to visit the country. Below are the rules;

  • Endeavour to always have in your possession of a very eligible passport that the German government has issued. This document is an essential requirement for electronic travel authorization (eTA). Note that this travel document must be valid from the time of application and extensive for six months or more, including Germany’s intended departure date from the Philippines.
  • You must always have proof of onward or return outbound journey from the Philippines, whether by train or plane tickets.
  • Be sure to carry your evidence of accommodations. You are to submit any evidence of accommodation for the duration of your stay in the Philippines, whether it is a hotel, hostel or Airbnb’s reservations.
  • You would have to provide proof of financial capacity. This proof is to make sure that you will be able to cover the costs of your stay as a visitor from Germany. Proofs of financial capacity can be in the form of a credit card or cash.

NOTE: To avoid any last-minute issues, it is highly recommended that Germans have all of these documents with them when they have entered the Philippine borders. Every individual from Germany travelling on an electronic permit is usually advised that some airlines will not be allowing passengers to board unless they can provide all evidence of their onward or homeward journey from the Philippines.


Putting up a request for Philippines Electronic Travel Authorization from Germany is as simple. For you to complete it, every German have to submit the following:

  • Personal details such as:
    a. Full name.
    b. Date of birth.
    c. Passport information.
    d. Current email address.
  • Germans will also need to provide their payment details either by cash or card to cover the eTA processing fee.
  • After the Philippines’ eTA application has been accepted, next is the issuing of a Unique Identification Number (UID) to Germans. If it is for group applications, issuing just one single UID for the whole group and assigned to the group’s primary Greman applicant.
  • Foreigners requesting an electronic travel authorization online should take preparatory steps to ensure that the application form is complete and accurate. Do well to double-check your filled-in information. Note that If the application contains any information that does not correspond with the listings on the visitor’s passport, the Philippines’ eTA issued for that passport is invalid.
    The traveller’s Philippines’ eTA may not enter into the Philippines. Applicants who have mistakenly submitted inaccurate information on their application will have to lodge a new request.
    In other cases, they could use their Unique Identification Number (UID) to amend their miswritten application online.


Yes! Everyone always asks how long it would take to get an eTA for the Philippines from Germany. The usual processing time for the Philippines Electronic Travel Authorization for Germans is roughly three business days.
Although delays sometimes occur. Hence, all visitors travelling to the Philippines on an eTA, including those from Germany, are to submit their application online before their planned departure date. The approved permits is sent to the German applicants via their emails at the mail addresses provided on the application form.

  • There are always rules and conditions while filling any forms.
  • Never be in a hurry.
  • Also, always organize and proofread all on what you filled in.
  • When entering the Philippines, travellers must and should be able to produce both an electronic and a physical copy of their eTA visa waiver.
  • Also, each foreigner in a group must have a copy of the group electronic travel authorization visa waiver.
  • Furthermore, visitors from Germany must also be ready to answer some security questions whenever they meet the Philippines’ immigration authorities.


A significant benefit of the Philippines introducing a visa waiver program that includes good German citizens has a solid border control system that ensures that tourists enjoy a more secure, safe procedure when entering the country.
Thus, security and safety in moving files and documents can be very frustrating.

Another significant advantage of applying for an electronic travel authorization for the Philippines as a German national process is through online. This means that there would not be a need to visit consulates, embassies, or other immigration offices. This aids to fasten the processing time. It also creates a more agile platform that is accessible for all intending visitors from Germany.

In addition, obtaining the Philippines eTA from Germany ahead of time will mean that travellers will be pretty assured of having enough time to solve their potential issues arising at the time of application while still at the comfort of their homes.
Finally, another significant benefit is how it goes to control time. Time is money! This helps save time by reducing the excessive protocols, and too many bureaucracies of so many offices are just a great plus on both embassies.

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