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Asian countries for your cheap vacation are pretty many. Asia is the world’s largest continent, with 48 countries. Home to some of the most expensive countries in the world, such as Japan and Singapore. Asia remains one of the most popular destinations for budget travellers. You can only have a luxury vacation on a budget in Asia.

The ease of travel, amazing landscapes, impressive UNESCO monuments, and a guaranteed cultural shock are some of what makes Asia the perfect destination.

Here’s a list of some of the best and cheapest places to visit in Asia for a vacation. This list is arranged in no particular order.


Thailand is a country known for its tasty food served in both fancy restaurants and streets. Therefore, it is a sin to visit Thailand and not try out traditional dishes like pad thai or noodle soup dishes.

The north offers varying experiences, from the authentic culture in a traditional night market to nature and jungle views. Bangkok, the central, offers the bustling city experience, and the south has beautiful beaches such as the Ko Phi Phi Island.

The northern part of Thailand is cheaper than central and southern Thailand. Budget accommodations in the north can start from as low as $5 a night.

In the south, budget accommodations can range between $5-$10. For example, you can get a 3-course meal from a mid-range restaurant for about $10. Pad thai from a simple restaurant or street cart can cost about $1. Drinks are equally cheap as a domestic beer can cost about $2, coffee $1.9, and water $0.30.

Entrance into tourist attractions such as parks and national museums can cost between $1-$5. However, a place like the grand palace, a very frequented tourist attraction, can cost about $16.

Local transport costs below $1. You can get into Thailand by flying with Thai Airways, Thai Lion Air, and many more, and the fare depends on your location. So don’t miss Thailand, you didn’t know.



The home of the legendary Taj Mahal, India, is a world of its own. From the superb beaches in the south to the Himalayas in the north and historical sites in the centre. India is a haven for tourists. It is among the cheap Asian countries for vacation. Very few countries in Asia offer the same amount of diversity that India offers, making it leave a lasting impression on visitors. Because the cost of living is so low, you can enjoy your trip without feeling bad about spending too much. In addition, the cost of transportation is inadequate.

With a daily budget of about $40, you can make your way around India while enjoying all the best features the world has to offer. Hotels in India cost as low as $29 per night, while guesthouses and hostels cost between $2-$5. Meals are pretty cheap in India. A meal in a 5-star restaurant can cost about $13 and about $1-$2 for a cheap restaurant. I totally won’t recommend getting street food in India even though it is very reasonable, costing between a few cents and $1.

While holidaying in India is very cheap and affordable, it is also known for having the dirtiest water system in the world. Therefore, it is essential to take appropriate precautions to protect yourself by investing in a good water filter and drinking only recommended bottled water (these are very cheap to buy, costing only a few cents).



Thanks to its central location, Cambodia is an excellent place to begin your Asian travel adventure. Authentic yet luxurious remote islands such as Koh Thmei, Koh Totang, and Koh Ta Kyiv, Cambodia presents itself as an alternative to the more famous and frequently visited Thai islands. Cambodia is impressive with its rich history and stunning landscapes. It ranks among the cheap Asian countries for vacation.

The Angkor Wat, a religious structure that dates back to the 12th century. Angkor Empire is probably Cambodia’s most famous monument.

 Accommodation is so cheap in Cambodia that you can upgrade yourself to a more lavish hotel for as little as $3 a night. Double rooms, which are more popular than single rooms, cost about $5.

A 3-course meal at a mid-range restaurant costs about $10 per person. Traditional eateries are inexpensive at less than $5. Traditional street dishes such as Khmer cost about $1. Amok, a fried fish in a banana leaf with coconut cream, is a must-try delicacy. Local beer can be gotten for $1 and $2 for coffee. The entrance fee into the Angkor temple is about $36 for a day and $60 for a 3-day pass. This may seem expensive, but it is definitely worth the money.

Transportation can cost between $2-$8. You can travel to Cambodia using Cambodia Angkor Air, JC International, and Lanmei Airlines, and the prices depend on your location. Unarguably, Cambodia is a cheap Asian among the cheap countries for vacation.



This country might not appear as a destination option on most people’s lists, making it the perfect place for a quiet and calm vacation. It is often overlooked due to its lack of a coastline, but it’s among the cheap Asian countries for vacation. You can experience the modern city of Vietnam with the Golden Stupa. 

The local traditional rural areas with mountainous terrain and hill tribe settlements. Popular places like Luang Prabang, which are both wild and inviting. You can check out the UNESCO city of Luang Prabang and Luang Namtha in the north. Also, you can travel cheaply to the south and enjoy the Mekong River, waterfalls, and island-hopping. Outdoor activities like kayaking, trekking, cycling, zip-lining, and hot air ballooning are affordable in Laos.

Accommodations costing between $5-$8 are effortless to find. Private rooms cost about $20. A 3-course meal in mid-range restaurants can cost about $9 per person. A plate of ubiquitous fried rice costs about $2. Entrance fees into parks, waterfalls, and temples can cost between $4-$8. Boat trips on the Mekong River cost around $30 per person. Bus trips cost about $1 per hour. With a daily budget of between $10 and $25, there’s no excuse for not having a good time in Laos.

You can fly to the country and nearby countries like China, Thailand, and Cambodia via Lao Airlines.



From white sand beaches to jungles, blue flame spewing volcanoes, and remote islands where you can observe orangutans in the wild. Indonesia is a budget traveller’s sweetest dream come true.

Although Bali is the most popular destination in Indonesia, it comprises about 17,000 islands, making it a great place to experience island life on a budget.

When it comes to culture, food, language, and religion, each island is unique. 

The Island of Lombok, which features volcanoes, waterfalls, mountains, and rural villages, is slightly cheaper and less touristy than Bali. Java and Flores are also worth a visit as they are reasonable, and you can get a good private room for $10 a night. In addition, there is cottage accommodation that costs $5 and individual rooms that cost $15 and more.

Local street food costs about $1, while a meal at a mid-range restaurant will cost about $5. Museum entrance fees cost between $0.75 and $25. The daily budget is between $15 and $25, although this differs from place to place. Despite varying daily budgets, Indonesia remains the most affordable destination in Asia. For more guide on travelling to Indonesia kindly visit Indonesia Travel



The Philippines is among the cheap Asian countries for vacation, and it is home to some of the friendliest people on the planet. Culturally fascinating place with a mix of Asian and Spanish/US colonial influences. It is also cheap in terms of travelling and living costs.

With over 7000 islands, it boasts stunning beaches, active volcanoes. The Chocolate Hills and the world-famous Palawan are often the most beautiful Islands in the world. With private cottages costing about $20 a night and delicious local seafood delicacies costing $7, you can get a taste of luxury in Palawan all with a budget. In Manila, a hostel dorm bed will cost you about $5-$7 a night and $18, with a few more luxuries. A 3-course meal in a mid-range restaurant will cost about $7, and street food costs about $2 per dish.

An island-hopping boat trip can cost about $14-$25, and diving with whale sharks can cost $25. Local transportation can cost about $0.20, while long-distance bus trips can cost $8-$10. AirAsia is the cheapest airline to fly when coming to the Philippines. You can also use Philippines Airlines.  A tour to the spectacular Shimizu Island will spice up your visit to Philippines ASIAN COUNTRIES FOR YOUR CHEAP VACATION.



Most budget travellers tend to avoid Malaysia for fear of being too expensive. Still, Malaysia is among the cheap Asian countries for vacation, and affluent cities like Kuala Lumpur are more affordable than Singapore. 

Malaysia boats to places like Penang (a UNESCO world heritage site), tree-top national parks (Taman Negara), cultural hubs (Malacca), and beach paradise islands (Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park). For alcohol lovers, the high tax on alcohol could be a dampener. Bed and breakfast cost about $25 for a night. A 3-course meal in a mid-range restaurant can cost about $7.30 per person, while a dinner, dessert, and drink in a food court can cost about $3.75. Entrance fees into museums in Kuala Lumpar cost about $2-$5, and premium attractions like the Petronas towers cost about $20. Local transportation costs about $1. You can fly into Malaysia from any part of the world using Malaysian Airlines or AirAsia. 



Stepping away from the crowded tourist sites, you will realize that Vietnam has some of the most fun places in all of Southeast Asia. From the pure northern province of Ha Giang to the limestone landscapes of Tam Coc and the town of Phong Nha. These are tourism hot spots as the home of the world’s largest cave. Vietnam is a must-visit place in Asia. It is still unaffected by mass tourism and is well suited for international visitors.

Private accommodation costs less than $10. A good meal can cost you about $4, and a pint of Bia Hoi, the world’s cheapest beer, will cost you a few cents. Renting a motorcycle can cost about $13 a day. So the daily budget in Vietnam is between $10-$25.

Whether you prefer to ride around the nation or camp at Hang En, the world’s largest cave, Vietnam is sure to provide you with the most affordable, budget-friendly holiday in Asia.



Although these nations are cheap Asian countries for a vacation, they have regulations, some of which are highly enforced. Thus, it is critical to research and follows the laws of these countries. Also, look for travel recommendations online to prevent getting scammed by locals since this is a regular visitor occurrence. 

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