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Best Places to Visit in Jamaica – Explore the Top Attractions


Best Places to Visit in Jamaica – Explore the Top Attractions, GrandRoyal Travel
Aerial view of the shopping area near the port at Falmouth Jamaica

Falmouth was set up as a sugarcane farming town in 1769. It is one of the best-preserved Georgian towns in the Caribbean. This town is a well-known cruise port along the northern shore of the Island. Falmouth as the name of the town was because it is the birthplace of Trelawny, who was then governor of Jamaica. Falmouth is alive with coconut and sugar plantations, lush forests, waterfalls and 19th-century architecture. Falmouth is rich with history, which you will learn when you take part in a Heritage walk. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Falmouth, because of its central location, was the home of the slave trade.

At Falmouth, you can spend some time at Albert George Market, just sightseeing and window shopping. You can even get yourself a souvenir. Then visit the first mason temple built in Jamaica, the Baptist Manse. The refurbished courthouse is another historical site you can see. Also, visit the Great Hall estates, the Greenwood House and the Good Hope Great House. Finally, buy handmade crafts at open-air markets and visit the aquatic animals at the Luminous Lagoon.

Port Antonio

Best Places to Visit in Jamaica – Explore the Top Attractions, GrandRoyal Travel
Caribbean town – Port Antonio, Jamaica.

Port Antonio is a fishing village on the north-eastern coast of Jamaica. It has two ports. There was a time it was referred to as ‘Banana Capital of the World.’ it is a beautiful village to spend a holiday in. From the colourful markets to the Georgian and Victorian architecture to the cafes and the natural elements around. Furthermore, the crystal clear waterfalls, lagoons, jungle, beaches and hiking trails all are a blend of different shades of goodness!

At Port Antonio, there are so many activities; you can go bamboo rafting along the Rio Grande, also take a leisurely walk along the Blue Lagoon, visit the Frenchman’s Cove, go surfing at Boston Beach. Also, visit Fort George, DeMontevin Lodge, Navy Island, and Folly Mansion’s ruins while in this village.

You can also learn about the place and the people. The English built port Antonio in the 1700s. As at then, the English were referred to as Titchfield. In 1946, this small village became famous when an actor, Errol Flynn, was washed ashore by a hurricane.

Nine Mile

Best Places to Visit in Jamaica – Explore the Top Attractions, GrandRoyal Travel
Nine Mile, Bob lives is written by the stone decoration at the flower bed, Bob Marley Mausoleum compound.

The little village of Nine Mile is just a few miles south of Brown’s Town. This village is just like every village but what makes it stand out and on this list is that it is the birthplace of Bob Marley and also where he was rest in peace. The town featured largely in the famous Jamaican reggae artist’s songs. A vital place to visit in Nine Mile is Marley’s home with all the original furnishings. Members of his family now run the Bob Marley Mausoleum. The other property on-site is that of his mother, Cedella Booker, fondly called ‘Mamma Marley by the locals.

If you are a fan of his religiously Jamaican artist, you may want to go on a pilgrimage to his home and final resting place. Rastafarian guides will take you on tour around the property. There are a host of memorabilia to see; photographs, guitars, awards and so on. You will also see Marley’s Rasta-coloured ‘rock pillow’ when searching for inspiration for his songs.

Treasure Beach

Best Places to Visit in Jamaica – Explore the Top Attractions, GrandRoyal Travel
Solitude of Treasure Beach.

A long stretch of six glorious miles across four idyllic fishing villages along the south coast, the Treasure Beach crosses Billy’s Bay, Frenchman’s Bay, Calabash Bay and Great bay. It’s a place of relaxation, reggae music and rum cocktails. Also, Treasure Beach became popular 25 years ago, after the opening of Jakes Hotel.

If you want to leave it all and treat yourself to a life of relaxation, Treasure Beach is for you. It gives you peace as well as solitude. Tourists won’t swamp you, and the beaches are not as crowded here. Many sporting activities: tennis, cricket, football, and watersports! If you are not all into sports and want to soak up the quiet life of the beach, there are coral coloured beaches you can relax on and watch the world go by. Additionally, you can go swimming, snorkelling, body-surfing, dolphin spotting, zip-lining, hiking and even biking. Go on a cruise! The Black Safari cruise. And don’t forget to visit boat-in Floyd’s Pelican Bar (the most incredible bar in the world).


Best Places to Visit in Jamaica – Explore the Top Attractions, GrandRoyal Travel
Kingston, Jamaica – June 27, 2008: Aerial view to Kingston’s downtown area, called New Kingston.

Kingston dates back to 1692 when it was created after An earthquake destroyed port Royal. It is the largest city on the Island, located along the south-eastern coastline. It is the capital, and over half of its population reside here. Go on a guided tour of the city and learn the capital’s history. Visit Fort Charles. Visit the notable heritage site, Devon House. At the Bob Marley Museum, visitors and tourists treat their eyes to a beautiful experience.

Additionally, visit the oldest public art gallery in the English-speaking Caribbean, the National Gallery of Jamaica. Go on a picnic at Hollywell National Park, appreciate nature at Hope Botanical Garden, and take a stroll along the harbour front. Buy a souvenir at the Coronation Market. And in the evening go to Dub Club for a Sunday reggae party. Finally, soak up the sun of the Caribbean on a boat paddling to Lime Cay. Go surfing. Refresh at the Rockfort Mineral Baths and help yourself to the rum!

Blue Mountains

Best Places to Visit in Jamaica – Explore the Top Attractions, GrandRoyal Travel
Blue Mountains in Jamaica

The Blue Mountains is the perfect place for adventures. It’s a beautiful area with many hiking and biking trails, Instagram worthy waterfalls and coffee plantations. The Blue Mountains is named after the fog that settles around the peak. It is blueish. The mountains are 45 kilometres long, the longest in Jamaica and among the longest in the Caribbean. At the highest peak, the view as far as Cuba awaits you. Also, there are many ways up the mountain are accessible by foot, bike or four-wheel vehicle. There are many mountain villages and farmlands on the way up with more than 500 different plants and trees.

So many communities settled here as the Blue Mountains were a refuge for Taino slaves and Maroons who ran from Spanish captivity in the 1600s. They settled in the Mountains. Not to mention, you can sit still watching the birds or check out the Blue Mountain Coffee!

Ocho Rios

Best Places to Visit in Jamaica – Explore the Top Attractions, GrandRoyal Travel
View from the ship to the Cruise terminal in the tropical Caribbean island of Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Another beautiful place in Jamaica is Ochos Rios, a trendy resort situated on the northern coast. Ocho Rios is a busy cruise port surrounded by high-end hotels and rainforest mountains. Ocho Rios is a beautiful resort that comes to life with reggae parties, bars, and craft markets. Ocho Rios seeks to draw your attention to nature. It is known as the ‘Garden Parish’, with its tropical plants, sparkling rivers and magnificent waterfalls, including the Dunn’s River Falls.

You can zip-line through the rainforest while at Ocho Rios. Additionally, go river rafting and tubing on the White or Black rivers. Watch dolphins at Dolphin Cove and ride on horses. Go shopping or window shopping if you do not intend to buy anything and in the evening, party away at Margaritaville. Furthermore, Margaritaville is the filming location for two Bond films: Dr No (1962) and Live and Let Die (1973). And do not forget to visit Goldeneye, the former home of the writer of James Bond, Ian Fleming.

Montego Bay

Best Places to Visit in Jamaica – Explore the Top Attractions, GrandRoyal Travel
People enjoy Doctor’s Cave Beach, a famous, white, sandy beach in Montego Bay Jamaica.

Although Montego Bay is the most visited place due to the large number of tourists visiting, it still has some of the Island’s best beaches. If all you want to soak up the sun and the fun of the beach, then Montego Bay is the place for you. Comparatively, the rich and famous come here, that is why there are a lot of luxurious resorts, sophisticated golf courses, and gloriously beautiful white sand beaches. Montego Bay became popular when there was a believe the water healing powers by an English osteopath in the 1920s. It then became Jamaica’s best tourist destination.

You can visit Doctor’s Cave Beach and enjoy the sun or go to Walter Fletcher Beach with its amusement park. Experience the best of snorkelling and diving at the coral reefs of Montego Bay Marine Park. Equally, the filming of Green Grotto Caves- Bond’s Live and Let Die was here. Thus, go swimming, river rafting and golfing at Cinnamon Hill Golf Club with its beautiful view. Get the best from your flight and accommodation booking.

Dunn’s River Falls

Best Places to Visit in Jamaica – Explore the Top Attractions, GrandRoyal Travel
Dunns River Falls is a popular tourist destination in Jamaica. Climbing the cascades as a group.

Dunn’s River Falls is an epic, award-winning view! It is Jamaica’s top-on-the-list tourist destination. The falls is breathtaking, so many tourists hike for 90 minutes to experience the view every year. The waterfall is 600 feet long and 180 feet high; it is such a sight to behold. Among all the waterfalls on the island, Dunn’s River Falls is the most magnificent. It is in Ochos Rios. Also, the falls is one of the travertine waterfalls on earth. You can get into it for a swim in the rock pools.

Furthermore, you can hike to the falls, and many tours offer this. You can enjoy a catamaran cruise from Ochos Rios or Montego Bay. Finally, enjoy a quiet picnic at the base of the waterfall. Remember to get come prepared with your swimsuit and water shoes.


Best Places to Visit in Jamaica – Explore the Top Attractions, GrandRoyal Travel
Negril, Jamaica, Caribbean rocky beach with turquoise water, tourists boat and lighthouse.

Negril is among the best beaches in the Caribbean, and it is Jamaica’s most Instagram worthy stretch of white sand. The clifftops and turquoise blue sea make it more endearing. Negril runs across Bloody Bay to Long Bay in western Jamaica. High-end resorts and coconut palms surround it. Negril is your best bet if you are a fan of the beach. Also, there are many things to do on this beach: from diving to parasailing, to paddle boarding and jumping off the famous Negril Cliffs. You can go snorkeling at the coral reefs of Long Bay.

Lastly, see Ys and Mayfield Falls, then enjoy a soak at the Blue Hole Mineral Springs. Don’t forget the cruise! The sunset catamaran cruise. Enjoy golfing and the brilliant nightlife. Lastly, remember to book your flights and hotels here.

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Best Places to Visit in Jamaica – Explore the Top Attractions - GrandRoyal Travel