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Do you see yourself as a narrator or as someone who has a way with words? If you have got an experience that you are itching on how to publish your intriguing travels. Do know your way around writing a compelling story, be assured that you have what it takes to be considered a travel writer.

You can be a travel writer and get payment by telling your stories. Every smart traveller will affirm that they carry out a lot of research before a journey. A pronounced system used for the most valuable online resources happens to be the experiences and opinions of similar seasoned travellers as yourself!

Although one quick Google search of a specific adventure, country, or piece of travel advice can help anyone who travels there soon. The experiences are more valued than just formal knowledge of a place. Travel writing is becoming very much more in demand and popular as a profession. After years of collecting stamps in their passports freelance writing, building their resumes and brand, and collaborating with other writers, aspiring digital nomads would often find success.

You could write for any agency or as a freelancer. Travel writers can live by their schedule, which is based on a system that works for them. These writers are constantly on the go, creating beautiful content that fills their wandering souls with purpose and brimming with ideas. To find creative and financial independence is not only fulfilling but also life-changing. So the goal here is how do you become a travel writer? How do you report your stories in a uniquely authentic and relatable way that people connects with? And most importantly, how do you get rewarded for doing this?

Owning The Right Mindset:

Every aspiring writer should know that this is going to be one challenging adventure. You are about to go against the supposed pattern of earning your keep. Trying to achieve something that possibly a couple of decades ago was not considered a way to make a living.

Not only will this become an uphill climb, but it will also be so worth it if you are willing to take every necessary step.
Have faith in your skills and own your full right as first a storyteller and then a writer. Do everything that you can to improve and perfect your skills. You have skilful unique talents that the world should see now more than ever.
Your name and work should be out there to be easily considered for a travel writing position. Gather all the necessary tools needed, make that game plan and get to turn many of your experiences into stories.

Write and Read Constantly:

Of course, anyone going to become a travel writer must surely need to practice writing! Whether going to the beach for summer vacation or going on an exotic trip overseas or exploring the new town. Or you have just moved to, write about it. Relax and think about that incredible experience you had when you had met someone on the road.
Refresh your memory as you recall a fun road trip you had embarked on with your parents when you were young.
Be very descriptive! What did you feel, see, smell, and hear on your adventure?

Make it more of a journal entry as it doesn’t have to be a novel. Find that good flow as you pour your emotions and memories into your writing. Follow your mind’s tangents! See the beautiful keepsakes that you can share and give someone a better experience because of your writing.

There has been no better way to hone your writing skills than to study the intriguing works of other travel writers.
Subscribe to magazines like; National Geographic, Lonely Planet or even Travel & Leisure, and let your wanderlust take over as you digest great directions to writing. Browse some top travel blogs that have made the first page of Google or have been acknowledged. Learn to pick up books by authors like; Paul Theroux, Bill Bryson and Jack Kerouac and read them cover to cover as your mind will get blown away.

What is all of these reading for, you ask, as you are only supposed to pen down your experiences, but the truth is that this will help you get better acquainted with what genres are trending. Please choose your prefered writing styles that you would like best, and determine what makes their writing stand out and so captivating.

Be Able to Travel:

A lot of people have one imagery in their heads when a gist about travel writers comes up. This general misinformation tends to envision the trips they take as a luxurious, glamorous and around-the-world adventurous affair. This makes it seem like you can’t manage such expenses at this stage in your busy lives. But the fact is that you need to travel to write about it! So it does not have to be as glamorous and expensive as you think, especially not on your first trip.

Take note of all the excuses you have made about not travelling in the past and come up with an active solution to each of them. Work them out! If you want to be a travel writer and sell your stories, you will do what it takes to make it happen. Your particular obstacles should require a specific problem-solving effort. Remember that you do not have to go to another country to count as a “real” trip. Instead, take a road trip to the next city or state over for a mini weekend getaway. You would be intrigued at what adventures you can find near you!

Create that Website and Start a Blog

Knowing your options if you want to write hotel reviews, guidebooks, ebooks or magazines, it is your choice.
You could also write solo, collaborate with other travel writers, or even write for a travel agency.

Each year, starting a blog becomes relatively more straightforward, These days, with just a juicy idea and a few clicks, you can lock down a website domain and start a blog of your own! There will not be a need to pay for anyone to set it up for you! Websites like such as Bluehost can host your site. You could also build a gorgeous blog with Squarespace or WordPress. Load up your blogging site with information about you, your stories, photo and video content, and beautiful articles. Always go for substance instead of cliché.

Pick a niche, and if you can embrace all kinds of aspects that comes with travelling, then don’t bother picking at all!
Niches are what type of travel writing you would like to do. Are you all about writing for environmentally-friendly adventures, or do you want to focus on travelling with a family or even the popular budget travelling?

In recent years, travel writers picking a niche has become less of a necessity for them to stand out and is now more of an option. If your writing techniques and strategies are excellent, you will be heard one way or another.

Build your Brand and Get on Social Media:

To become a travel writer, it is of great importance that you establish yourself as an authority on the topics you write about. This is aside from the fact that you may just be starting. The increased believability and trustworthy acknowledgements you will receive as a travel writer are stemmed from the confidence you have about your writing.
Building and establishing your brand is all about showing the world who you are. Pick that quirky and memorable name for your blog that will represent you well and roll with it.

Instagram, Facebook(META), Twitter, and Pinterest are now the most trendy social media sites that travel writers should be on. When people find your content online and enjoy it, they will likely follow you on social media to get their juicy updates.

Always put in your best to post quality contents that are with good captions. Do not post garbage to have something in your account. Every social media site has a specific algorithm that you can research to get even better at making an audience see sure your posts. Every travel writer must note that being on social media is important for a travel writer.
This is because you are building a community that will always value your work and be hungry for more.

Nurture the people that join your little corner of the internet, and don’t be distracted by how many followers you have. Engage authentically with them! While it is important to develop relationships online, note that it is not everything. Learn to attend travel writing workshops, annual seminars held throughout the year in different locations, a travel writers meet-up or even writing courses and exchange contact details with your peers. Make your business cards to hand out to fellow travel writers in every meeting.

Send collaboration Emails to Brands, Bloggers, and Travel writers.

If you are looking towards a more informal travel writing job, try to check out the contact page of your favourite travel gear brands for you to score a potential product review. If you have any company in mind whose brand and goals are aligned with what you have in mind, contact them too!

You also have to have in mind that the road would not be all rosy. So be prepared for those rejection emails.
Expect that not every company, blogger, or opportunity will accept you. This is mainly because they may not be looking for travel writers at that time, or you may not meet their preferred requirements. They will usually send you a very polite email to inform you. If you intend to become a travel writer, you should learn the art of handling rejection and avoid taking it personally.

There are lots of opportunities for you. So learn to forge ahead and find success elsewhere but persevere and be consistent! Send different pitches to the same people. If they did not reply in less than a week, you should send them a professional follow-up message.

Relentlessly continue to build your writing resume. Persistently keep your content flowing and consistent, and soon, you will have a portfolio, blog or website that is full of great content for a future collaborating company to feast their eyes on. Make your discounted flight and hotel bookings here.

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