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The Obudu Mountain Resort was previously known as the Obudu Cattle Ranch. The resort is well known as one of the most scenic, thrilling and stunning tourist destinations in Africa. The resort altitude gives a visual view of the surrounding area. And provides a unique combination of eye-catching adventure, idyllic tranquility. Obudu resort is an abundance of views, fresh and invigorating mountain air.

It is surrounded by stunning green steep and high hills, various fun and spectacular mountain-area and country-side views. And a well-preserved and peaceful serene environment that will appeal to all visitors. Its lush evergreen vegetation and picturesque views are ideal for esthetic photographs. The resort scenery is beautiful and calming, with clouds smiling down on the hills and valleys.

Obudu Mountain Resort Best Features

The resort’s breathtaking grotto, natural swimming pool with sparkling pure water, and a great view of the long winding waterfall forming a deep pool at its bed continue to draw a steady stream of visitors from Nigeria and outside Nigeria. The reserve is home to rare species of birds and other animals such as gorillas and drill monkeys, whose onomatopoeic noises liven up the resort. It is because of its temperate climate, the resort provides tourists with a strong mix of warm and cold temperatures.

The intestinal road leads up the mountain to the Obudu Cattle Ranch, the road network is spiral, and from the top, it provides a zig-zag view. The Angel’s View is a point where many valleys intersect to make a “V” shape view will take your breath away and make you appreciate nature’s magnificent creation. The Angel’s view is located between the Presidential Villa and the Helipad. There are several tree species, and some are considered to have existed before civilization. 

The Becheve Nature Reserve is a protected forest teeming with different plants and animal spices. The resort is located near the Cameroon border in Nigeria’s northwestern region of Cross River State, on the forest Plateau forest Obudu.


The exploration and development of the ranch date back to 1949 by Scottish ranchers M. McCaughey, Mr. Hugh Jones together with Dr. Crawfeild. When McCaughey found the mountain ranges of Obudu, he camped on the mountaintop of the Oshie Ridge in the Sankwala Mountains for a month before returning with Mr. Hugh Jones, a fellow rancher, in 1951.

Thus they considered the Obudu territory a perfect spot for a ranch, and this was how the history of the Obudu mountain resorts started.


Obudu Mountain Resort is in Obanliku Local Government Area of Cross River state, approximately 110 kilometers (68 miles) east of the town of Ogoja and 65 kilometers (40 miles) west of the village of Obudu and is about 332 kilometers (206 mi) drive from Calabar, the Cross River State capital. Obudu Mountain Resort Click to find out

Weather at The Obudu Mountain Resort

The Obudu mountain resort climate is a semi temperate mountain climate. Thus the general weather condition encountered on the Obudu Plateau is due to its 1,580 meter (5,184 ft) elevation above sea level.

Direction Guide

There is a direct flight from Lagos and Abuja to Margret Ekpo international airport, where you can take a bus to the Obudu mountain resort.

When you arrive in Calabar, take a bus that goes directly to Obudu to save you some time as other buses may make multiple stops along the way.
It costs about $5 US dollars. 

However the drive from Obudu to the ranch takes about an hour. Taxis are available for a fee of $3 US dollars in Obudu to transport you to the farm.

Driving from Calabar to the Obudu mountain resort can take up to 6 hours, hence giving you plenty of time to enjoy the scenery and vegetation along the way.


Reservation We’ve got you secured in terms of lodging. The spacious, beautifully furnished, cozy and suites at the Obudu Mountain Resort are reasonably priced. Indeed it provides a variety of rooms that can be to each tourist budget alsoo. 

The nightly rates vary from $50 to USD 150. Namely these are the room options, descending in price from the cheapest to the most expensive;
Standard Double Chalet
Superior Double Chalet
African Huts
Club Chalets
Executive Suite
Family Unit
Royal Suite
Presidential Suite
Governors Lodge
Special Mountain Villa

When it’s best to visit

There is no limit to the amount of fun you can have at the Obudu Mountain Resort; it is always bustling during the festive seasons.

The weather is also pleasant because the festive season falls during Cross Rivers’ dry harmattan season. 

However we suggest that you bring warm clothing with you as the temperature can be freezing at this time of year in the morning.

It is also best to visit between October and February as the dry weather during this period makes trekking over the high ground enjoyable.

However, if you want to enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday, you should choose any month besides from those in Nigerian festivals, December till February. At this time, the resort is with fun and a variety of events.

Tyes of fun activities you can engage

Play Outdoor Games

Obudu Mountain Resort  Africa

The fun never ceases at the Obudu Mountain Resort, as there are many outdoor events to participate in, which are,
Swimming, horseback riding, golfing, and camping are also enjoyable sports. In addition this resort has two big river-sized swimming pools where you can swim and lounge on the outdoor pool bed.

You wear firm boots and be mentally trained for the climbing adventure while hiking. You are permitted to play golf on a 9 -hole golf course. The green forest surrounding the tennis court is a sight to behold.

Get on the Cable Car

Obudu Mountain Resorts  Africa

When visiting the Obudu Mountain Resort, you can as well  travel from the bottom of the hill or ride the cable car to the resort center’s peak.

Although one of the most common reasons to visit the Obudu Mountain Resort is the cable car trip. The trip has a height of 870 meters, and a twisting path of about 11 kilometers has consequently drawn hundreds of tourists since 2005.

Driving up to the resort takes approximately 25 minutes while taking the cable car takes around 6 minutes. This cable car transport is the centerpiece of Obudu Mountain Resort and is consequently the longest cable car on the African continent.

Tourists who visit this resort are still keen to ride this cable car to the top of the resort and enjoy the fun of traveling to the top of the resort in this car, and also affords you enlivening and exciting visit to green rolling hills.

Join the Obudu international mountain race

Obudu Mountain resort Africa

Every year, Obudu hosts a race competition with an enticing cash prize, and It is in November. Against this backdrop, so if you visit Obudu in November, make a point of attending the Obudu Mountain Race.

Canopy Walk

Obudu Mountain Resort Africa

The Canopy Walkway is a 100-meter-long swaying bridge suspended in the air. Hence it rises 70 meters above the forest floor.

Of course a walk along the canopy walkway will allow you to take in the scenery of the stunning forests surrounding the Obudu Mountain Resorts. Also, Climbing this canopy walkway can be difficult, but it is also a lot of fun and excitement.

Work Out at the Gym

The Obudu Mountain Resort has a workout center equipped with cutting-edge equipment to help you stay fit and in shape, also This gym has equipment such as dumbbells, a sit-up bar, and treadmills.

Go Sightseeing

Go on a sightseeing tour at the Obudu Mountain Resort if you enjoy nature. The resort is home to about 250 different bird species. There you’ll have a great time watching the birds through your binoculars. Click to find about Australia’s barrier reef

Have a Meal at the Restaurants

This location has about four eateries that cater to visitors’ special diets, and Restaurants such as Terrace Restaurant and bar. You will be delighted with their delicately served local and foreign fare.

Furthermore, Tourists can choose between eating in the indoor restaurant and eating outside, where they can enjoy a breathtaking view of the mountains.


Don’t forget to consider the exciting and enchanting facts you have learned about the Obudu Mountain Resort as you plan your next tourist tour.

Equally important ensure you feel the Obudu Mountain Resort exciting, fun experience with your friends, family, and colleagues. More importantly, ensure you book your reservation with Tour Africa. Finally we are always ready to help you make the best out of your holiday.

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