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Amazing And Spicy Foods Around The World:

Spicy Foods

If you are a great traveler, you may enjoy this list of spicy foods around the world. There are foodies and there are spicy food foodies. So if you’re a tourist who enjoys spicy foods and can handle the heat, then you’re in luck as this is just for you.
Some countries have the upper hand in hot, spicy foods. However, the strange part is that most of these countries have relatively hot climates. The locals of these countries say that the spiciness of these foods is refreshing and has a cooling effect when eaten. In addition, spiciness acts as a preservation measure to reduce the decomposition or deterioration of food. Kindly have a look on See the amazing things you didn’t Know about Thailand.

Here are our top 4 countries that bring the heat when it comes to spicy foods.


When it comes to making and consuming spicy foods globally, no one can compete with India. However, they have given Sri Lanka a run for their money so many times as far as spicy food is concerned. The most popular spicy Indian dish is the Phaal Curry, cooked with BHUT JOLOKIA. Bhut Jolokia is the hottest chili in the world. However, even chefs and cooks who venture into the kitchens to make this dish will have to wear masks to avoid choking on the heat from the chili.
Fans of spicy food, most of the time, give up the reality of eating this dish. Other spicy foods in India for spicy food enthusiasts include Kolhapur chicken, Bhut Jolokia curry, pork vindaloo and kozhi curry. Also to mention chutney, Madras curry, chili beef, and chickens 65. It may also interest you to know that India is among the cheap Asian countries you can visit for a summer vacation. Open the link to find out more.


With the long history of Sri Lanka’s spice trade, your expectations for spice in Sri Lankan food cannot be below. Spicy side dishes accompany even the simplest meals. There is a variety of spicy foods to choose from, including the KOTTU ROTTI, one of Sri Lanka’s hottest dishes.  A street dish containing many spices, godhamba roti vegetables, and meat, which may burn your tongue. However, reducing the number of spices in your Rotti is an available option.
Kukul Mas Curry is another crazily spicy Sri Lankan food that is always steaming and readily served in major cities with Sri Lankan population.


Spicy foods  in Mexico will make you lose interest in any meal without chili by using a lot of homegrown peppers and an option to the level of spiciness you can take in.
The hottest Mexican dish is the delicious steaming POZOLE. Pozole is carefully cooked with avocado, chili, cabbage, onion, salsa, and garlic and paired with a tasty stew that can drive your taste buds crazy.


Are you surprised to see that the delicate Chinese people love their peppers? Well, not all parts of China enjoy spicy foods although. The Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, and Hunan provinces maintain records of eating some of the hottest foods. This puts China in the list of countries with the most hot food. Delicious goodness like the Saliva Chicken, Hunan spicy Beef, Gan Guo, Ma Po Tofu, Dan noodles, and many other cuisines that will blow your mind with their level of spiciness. Lastly, open the link for a complete recipe on saliva-chicken

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