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Ikogosi: The Land of Cold-Warm Spring


Ikogosi Warm Spring

The Land of Cold Warm Spring is unique due to its natural cold and warm spring. The cold and colder springs and the warm and warmer springs meet at a confluence, and this is an extraordinary natural treasure. The spring allows you to experience the uncommon and unique scenery of convergence and the warm and cold springs preserving their thermal qualities. This meeting of warm and cold water is the first of its kind in the world. The lush greenery of the Ikogosi Warm Spring and the cosy and welcoming atmosphere of the hotel rooms built beneath the clear sky add to the visual spectacle of the Land of Cold Warm Spring

The Ikogosi Warm Springs location is in a deep forest and it stretches across mountainous terrain. It has towering trees that provide a tall canopy for you. From sunrise until sunset, the volume of water flowing from the springs is consistent and warm. At the meeting place of the warm and cold springs, two trees grow from the same source. Furthermore, it represents oneness, harmony, and unification. Ikogosi is one of Nigeria’s finest tourist destinations. A tour guide will show you around. Also, note that the opening hours are from 8 am- 7 pm Monday – Sunday.

History of Ikogosi Warm Spring

There are many stories about Ikogosi Warm Spring. However, according to a myth, the warm and cold water was the two wives of a prominent man who mysteriously converted into springs after a long quarrel. The warm water became the troublesome wife, while the cold water became the kind and peace-loving wife

However, Baptist Missionaries discovered this spring in 1950. As a result of the belief that the water is an elixir for skin ailments, aches, infertility, arthritis, and hypertension, it is not uncommon to find visitors at the spring with kegs to fetch the warm water. Thus, the spring has been a source of delight for the people of Ikogosi town.


The Springs

  • The  Warm Spring

At the site, the spring has its source under a tree, and you can see vapour steaming out of the original if you look closely. An estimation of 150 litres of water comes out per second from the springs.

Furthermore, the temperature is around 70 degrees Celsius near the source and 37 degrees Celsius near the confluence. Therefore, the primary source of the hot springs is a no go area for tourists.

  • The Cold Spring

And on the other hand, the origin of the cold spring is a little further away from the warm spring. Although the cold spring is seen at some distance from the Warm Springs and the temperature is almost lower. Thus it means that it is less than 11 degrees Celsius.


How to Get to Ikogosi Warm Spring

Ado Ekiti, the state capital of Ekiti, is a good starting place for visiting Ikogosi. So, if you want to get to Ikogosi Warm Springs from this city, you may take a cab from Ado Ekiti City’s Fajuyi Park. It takes roughly an hour to drive from Ado Ekiti City this spring. However, be prepared to pass through many hills on your route to the Ikogosi Waterfall because Ekiti is a mountainous state. Nonetheless, Travel Africa is here to give you the best on your tour to Ikogosi.


Best Time to Visit Ikogosi Warm Spring

During the holiday season in the spring, there is a considerable flow of tourists (December mostly). So, if you want to rest in a tranquil and calm setting while enjoying wonderful weather, travel between February and April. If you plan on staying for more than one day, be sure you book a hotel at least one day before travelling.

Things to do at Ikogosi Warm Spring

Plenty of fun activities you can engage in at Ikogosi warm spring;

  • Thrill Yourself with the Sight of the Necromantic Ikogosi Waterfall

Imagine standing in a stream with both legs having distinct sensations, one chilly and the other warm; it’s a wonderful experience. Visiting the Ikogosi Waterfall will provide you with the opportunity to partake in this epic adventure. The confluence of warm and cold springs has not ceased to amaze geologists. Further necessitating a chemical investigation of the Ikogosi Warm Spring to solve the enigma. In fact, when you visit this location, you will undoubtedly be drawn to its mysterious spring. Link More information here.

  • Go for a walk on the Trail

A well-designed walking pathway will astonish you as you make your way to the meeting point of the cold and warm water. The singing of birds and the chilliness of the woodland surroundings along the walking track will engulf you in the tranquillity that comes with a nature stroll. The Shimizu island and all you need to know!

  • Great for Birds Watching and taking pictures

Numerous forest birds in the forest that produce a different pleasant song-like sound. Also, the land of cold warm springhas many beautiful sights to remember.

  • Treat Yourself to a Delectable Meal and Chilled Drink

Restaurants and bars are in the warm spring area where you may eat and cool off with a refreshing drink. However, African foods, continental cuisines, pastries, and therapeutic foods are provided in the restaurant and are affordable.

  • Take a Dive into the Swimming Pool

When you are at the Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort, there is a vast swimming pool. The pool’s water comes from a spring, and it’s pure and natural. People with rheumatism and back discomfort have been found to benefit from swimming in warm water. Moreover, the pool is a great location to unwind and socialize with family and friends. Another amazing resort in Nigeria is the Obudu mountain resort.

Accommodation at Ikogosi Warm Spring

Over 120 rooms are tastefully equipped with amenities to provide a great stay at the land of cold Warm Spring. The rooms are completely equipped with air conditioning, televisions, king-sized beds, internet access, and other amenities. The pricing of the accommodations varies. Some of the rooms available are; Standard Rooms, Executive Standard Rooms, Executive Deluxe, The Executive Lodge, Executive Suite, Presidential Lodge. Thus the prices for lodging at this resort cost between $26 and $184 per night.

The Resort  Facilities

Amenities you can find at the Ikogosi resorts. are the amphitheatre, restaurant, bar/lounge, regular power, outdoor pool, gym, warm water swimming pool, theme park, conference centre, banquet halls, and souvenir stores, a 300-par parking lot, and brook walk lanes.

Tips When Visiting Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort
  • Ensure you leave early because the roads are fine, but they can be very lonely and mountainous.
  • Bring more cash with you, and there is no ATM at Ikogosi.
  • It’s typically more fun to travel in groups.
  • May be crowded during the holidays.
  • Gate fee: The gate fee to The Land of Cold Warm Spring is $1 per person.
These are Tourist Attractions Close to Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort.
  • Arista Waterfall
  • Sacred Fish Lake
  • Fajuyi memorial park
  • Erin Ijesha Waterfall


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