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The World’s Best Floating Hotels

Are you that one person who would either go for a holiday or go home and would never settle for a bucket and spade or an umbrella and a lounger in a prime location? And know that you must not be on a ship cruise to float! Well, say hello to floating hotels.

Floating hotels are now available for everyone to provide that edgy lodging option for your vacation. With its location at eye-popping locations standing amongst dreamy scenery, these hotels will be imprinted forever in your mind.

Just know that if you require a fresh vacay idea to create more memories, especially for adventurous travellers craving more sea and less sand, you need to experience these floating hotels as they may be the answer to your prayers

From Africa to prime India, these floating palaces and remote bungalows offer a truly intimate experience. Whether you are dipping your toes in the freezing water of the Arctic or you are taking a deep dive off your very own private room over the Indian Ocean. Alternatively, see cave hotels around the world.

Who can forget that?!

With that said, you need to know and prepare for these magically floating hotels that inspire a sense of childlike wonder at the fantastic expanse of the sea just beyond your reach and doorsteps. These floating hotels include:


floating hotels

All you need to do is take a flight out to Sweden and find your way to Salt and Sill for your next holiday. Salt and Sill is a mesmerizing little boatel!
Yes, you read that right. A BOATEL!
This intriguing hotel houses 23 Scandinavian minimalist style bedrooms. The hotel bobs up and down along the exotic Klädesholmen Island.

In the mood for a swim? Then, you can climb down one of the ladders available for specific rooms, submerge yourself straight into the sea and enjoy a splash. Additionally, the little beats produced by the sound of waves hitting the sides will lure you to a calming sleep while you float on the sea.


Floating Hotels

If you are looking for a social media detox, then you should most certainly find the River Kwai Jungle Rafts in Thailand. It is truly an eco hideaway that is along the River Kwai. Thus, the raft hotel is where you wake up every morning to a feel of the jungle.

The River Kwai Jungle Rafts are weaved from locally collected bamboo and decorated with wooden furniture reflecting the Mon living style. The River Kwai Jungle Rafts gets lit by the traditional kerosene lamps at night.
The Mon living style has each lodge fitted firmly with a balcony and a strong hammock, so you swing the day away. Importantly, pack a book as there is no electricity to keep your phone charged up.

OFF Paris Seine

Floating Hotels

It’s your time to go OFF!!
Whenever visiting Paris, the famous city of love, know that it will be worth it to be part of a hotel that will push a boat out for you, your family or your partner.

Whenever it comes to floating accommodation, what better place to be in than at the prestigious OFF Paris Seine, a hot spot with an A-list celebrity clientele? Moreover, expect a posh plunge pool with an array of delicious brunches and rooms that are adorned with luminescent basins and beautiful bathtubs. But, of course, you would love lounging about in complete luxury, with a chilled cocktail in hand. Also enjoy the amazing offers and facilities at Hotel Off Paris Seine.


Floating Hotels

At the spectacular Punta Caracol Aqua Lodge, everyone would find themselves surrounded by sweet, chilling aqua. However, it will be surprising in the Republic of Panama. the country on the isthmus linking Central and South America. There, you will find just how up close and personal you could get with playful dolphins that are constantly splashing around the bay.

Travel to the Punta Caracol Aqua Lodge. Also, you could learn how to systematically coexist with the advanced renewable energy systems like solar panels or the proactive biodigester that debugs the hotel’s sewage, thereby avoiding any pollution impact on our precious environment.

When you go down the aromatic restaurant decked outside with an impressive palm leaf roof, you would be dining in the rich and true Caribbean style, which entails eating in a candlelight lit ambience.
Finally, the location of Punta Caracol Aqua Lodge is at Bocas del Toro Island in the Republic of Panama.


Floating Hotels

You can see the Taj palace floating like a mighty white spectral mansion in the middle of an Indian lake. It is very easy to see why the Taj palace was the choice as the eclectic backdrop for the 1983 James Bond film, “Octopussy.” The history of the Taj palace is as seductive as the awe-inspiring sights it offers. Noble Prince Maharana Jagat Singh II had built the hotel in 1746.

The palace is a pleasure palace. Legends have it that the majestic hold was for the hosting of his dalliances with beautiful young women. In the 1970s, the exotic palace was later restored to its opulent former glory.
As per custom, guests are usually greeted with champagne as they arrive via a private jetty. While the professional attendants wait with large embroidered umbrellas to escort you and your companions indoors.

There are 66 rooms and over 17 suites, all having to feature beautiful views of the lake. Be ready to find inside that there are plush pillow strewn sofas, carved white marble terraces, alongside exotic paintings, a stunning courtyard and a spa. The beautiful chefs always find a way to blend the ancient cooking techniques of royal cuisines with rich signature local dishes.

The hotel could also arrange memorable sightseeing tours around the city of Udaipur. It is achieving this tour while you ride in one of its effortlessly cool vintage cars, including a spectacular 1948 Jaguar.


Floating Hotels

If you are sailing along the Seto Inland Sea and suddenly become engulfed by the endless tropical elegance of coastal beauty of the Setouchi Region in Japan, then know you have arrived at Guntû.

While onboard this luxury floating hotel, you would find yourself enveloped in the refreshing air, unlike other coasts. There is always this gentle warmth that wraps around you and is characteristic of its wooden surroundings.
In addition, there are four beautiful cabins to choose from, all designed to match your taste. Each of these rooms has a mesmerizing backdrop of the rolling oceans, of course.


Floating Hotels

Everyone that aboard the Zambezi Queen express is in for a richer coastal embrace. You get to uncover the unique and lush African landscape onboard the luxury houseboats as you set across sail on the water. Also, the Zambezi Queen consists of 14 luscious suites. About 10 of these suites are called the opulent standard suites, while the other four are recognized as the master suites.

When you are onboard, you will be able to soak up the tropical revitalising Chobe River breeze and enjoy the stunning views of fantastic Namibia and all it offers. Zambezi Queen is an upgrade from your average safari trip.
The beautiful Zambezi Queen hotel is located at the Kasika Island of Zambezi Region in Namibia.


Floating Hotels

At the Solent forts, you may not have blue seas, shallow green plains, rolling mountains and hills. However, you will be able to discover the intense history enacted around the fortresses and the waters surrounding them. Solent Forts is majestically tucked on the trailing strait of water separating the Isle of Wight from England’s Mainland. Indeed, the forts are trendy amongst yachting enthusiasts.

Thus, whether you are looking for a relaxation spa treatment, cheese or wine tasting, an afternoon nap or a battle with lazors, be rest assured that you will find it all at the fort. Finally, the Solent Forts is at the Canalside of Gunwhard Quays in Portsmouth, Hampshire.


Floating hotels

After its elaborate opening in late 2016, the Good hotel has turned a former detention centre for illegal immigrants into a lavish floating hotel. Good Hotel was first launched in Amsterdam in the year 2015. Then, the hotel journeyed to the United Kingdom across the North Sea through the aid of a submerged barge.

The Good hotel has taken up residence in the Royal Victoria Docks of London. This hotel is at the location where it will remain for the next five years. The hotel got to be aptly named the “Good” as the hotel aims to achieve Wonderful deeds by helping long-term unemployed persons to be able to find jobs through a three-month traineeship offered by the hotel.

Significant highlights include a rooftop terrace garden which is overlooking the River Thames. The room designs showcase how the hotel has embraced modern ideas around clean lines and simplicity. Additionally, You would find solid raw wood furniture and dark walls paired with fabrics to achieve neutral tones. The design is very pure. The design of the hotel is with a sharp eye for details but with local touches coming through the textures. Finally, socially minded travelers will also be happy and pleased to find all the hotel’s food and beverages sourced locally.

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