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Getting to meet people being crazed about Halloween in Germany is unusual and very uncommon. Halloween to the Germans is not the most anticipated celebration of the year. So before you go out to buy stuff and decorate your home and apartment, you have to know that Halloween in Germany is very different from Halloween in the USA.

However, many Germans are getting to know about it, and many families and individuals have decided to celebrate it, thus putting on terrifying costumes and going to exciting horrific events. As a result, Halloween generated about 320 million euros in sales for retailers in 2019. Although only a few people in Germany, about eight per cent enjoy buying Halloween costumes, decorations, makeup, and accessories. However, people with children are most likely to go all out and spend some good money for this celebration.

As recorded in 2019, the USA’s Halloween celebration generated about 8.8 billion dollars. Thus, making the seemingly massive 320 million euros earned in Germany appear like peanuts in comparison. While most people would dress up for school or work in enthusiastic and happy costumes in the USA, the scenery is different in Germany. No German adult dresses up for work. To your surprise, you would be the only one to dress up in a German company.

A perfect note on halloween costumes advice you should know is this.

Halloween costumes in Germany has to be scary. There is never room for happy costumes! Some regions usually celebrate it like a carnival or popularly called “Fasching”, which is a particular time to use lovely happy and colourful costumes.

For adults, celebrating Halloween in Germany is more of a loud party kind of an event. So you would find adult Germans dressed up in the evening to go to a house party or a nightclub.

For the kids, it is about dressing up and going out to the streets and knocking on doors to ask the famous phrase ‘Süßes oder Saures?’ which interprets as “sweet or sour?”. The sweet or sour phrase is the asking equivalent of ‘trick or treats for the kids in Germany. It is advisable to have a guide all though, the whole event of trick or treating is not usually a common practice all over Germany. See the complete list of European countries you can study for free.

However, in the outskirts of bigger cities like Berlin, especially in the residential areas, trick or treating is widespread, especially in the neighbourhoods where many international expatriates live. Despite this, the number of kids and activities in the Halloween season has been increasing for some years now.

The year 1994 witnessed Halloween starting to gain much popularity in Germany. All these were because of actions taken that introduced Halloween to Germany to save Germany’s costume industry. During the second Gulf War in 1991, there was a ban on carnivals in Germany for different reasons. Although there are not many people who judiciously celebrate Halloween in Germany, and the controversy surrounding it, However, there are more than enough events that people can always still go to and celebrate to their full this very creepy day.



If you reside at the Potsdam, then ensure to take a walk around the Babelsberg Film Studio which is at Potsdam. Babelsberg is the oldest large scale film studio in the world. Filming of classics such as The Blue Angel with the iconic Marlene Dietrich was in this studio. Another recognized modern icon here is Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds. Getting refurbished just for every Halloween season, the film studio will be furnish all out to resemble an actual life form of a horror film.

The organizing comes with diverse characters from several classic horror films. There are also some very original faces roaming around, waiting to jump out at you, just for the exhilarating fun! There are so many photo opportunities with the Pinhead and Chucky. The Babelsberg film studio provides several attractions on the open grounds, such as a living maze, simulator and lots of refreshment stands. Look over your shoulder always, and the sneaky Pennywise may be behind you!



Now for those of you who are in Darmstadt, you cannot find any place which offers a Halloween atmosphere quite like the Burg Frankenstein. Burg Frankenstein is a 1000-year-old castle ruin thought to be the inspiration for Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Since 1977, this castle has always offered a Halloween spectacle; it’s the first of its kind in Germany.

Within the chilling castle walls during every Halloween party, you will find a panorama restaurant. In addition, there are food shops, a monster, drink stalls, a bar, a VIP lounge and a gift shop. When you survey 12 infamous scare zones, you will find that 100 monsters are lurking, including Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Pennywise, and other creatures from the horror underworld.

There are three newly added scare zones for the castle: The Death Zone, The Clown’s House, and Chainsaw. This Burg Frankenstein Halloween event is certainly not for the faint-hearted. However, if you are a thrill seeker who loves a rich adrenaline rush, then this is the Halloween party for you.


halloween store, THE DUNGEON IN BERLIN

The historical Berlin Dungeon is the “Home of Halloween”. This ancient Dungeon in Berlin has proven that there are no better places to be in Berlin to enjoy all things spooky than this venue. The Dungeon adds a fantastic Halloween show to their programs, themed, “Will you survive the curse of the witch?” The belief in witches and magic is generally rooted deep in both German and broader human history. When science was not so advanced enough to explain death, illness, or forces of nature during the Middle Ages, most people would often suspect that witchcraft or black magic was behind it.

Every visit to the Dungeon will be sure to embark on an elaborative 70-minute journey through time between Alexanderplatz to Hackescher Markt. This is to transport you to the 16th century, where many witches roamed the Berlin streets. Along the way, there is always a certainty that you will encounter several characters, such as a helpless farmer or a vengeful witch hunter. By the end of the journey, you will have this rush in you from all the shouts of shock. Moscow and St Petersburg sophisticated never miss museums.


halloween party in berlin, halloween movies, halloween films, LEGOLAND RESORT IN GÜNZBERG

Many are looking out for a more family orientated Halloween event suitable for their children. So why not travel down to the south to Germany and visit the Lego land resort in Bavaria! On Halloween, the Lego land resorts offer free entry to children up to 11, especially to those who arrive dressed in a Halloween costume. Kids. However, would not be the only ones to be dressed for the party. The park dragon Olli will greet all the guests and other dressed up characters who will also be in their Halloween costumes for the celebrations.

The resort is also offering a unique Halloween atmosphere. The perfect Halloween atmosphere with ghosts on the loose all around the park. Guests usually knock on the door of the Trick or Treat House. You and your family or friends could also walk through the Spooky Trail. Ghastly looking creatures are waiting for you inside of the park. There is also the world premiere of Grusical in the LEGO Arena. Grusical is a spooky show exclusive to just the LEGO Deutschland. This event promises enough shudders and loads of laughs for the whole family!


halloween party in lubeck, HALLOWEEN IN GERMANY, halloween costumes, LUDWIGSBURG CASTLE IN STUTTGART

The beautiful gardens of Ludwigsburg Castle are home to one of the world’s most unique and hidden treasures. It is the world’s largest pumpkin exhibition! Even those who are not particularly enthusiastic about pumpkins also enjoy the towering sculptures made from over 450,000 pumpkins of 6000 different varieties. Many artists bring to life thousands of pumpkins, merging them all into different characters like Medusa, a unicorn and the puss in boots, among many others. All these pumpkin artworks transform the park into a dreamy fairytale pumpkin kingdom.

During Halloween, most people tend to underestimate what is inside a pumpkin for the sake of carving its skin. However, this event is not short on plenty of pumpkin-based dishes. The pumpkin-based dishes include pumpkin soup, pumpkin strudel, pumpkin spaghetti, pumpkin lasagna, pumpkin bread and pumpkin tart. Who knew the old classic Halloween fruit could become this versatile? After the event has converted you to a year-round pumpkin fanatic, you can take home souvenirs ranging from a selection of pumpkin jam, pumpkin seed oil, pumpkin pesto, pumpkin seeds, and pumpkin noodles from the numerous gift shops.


halloween costumes, halloween kills, KULTURWERFT GOLLAN'S HALLOWEEN PARTY IN LÜBECK

For all of you looking out for a wilder Halloween party, do not look any further. Instead, you need to attend the Kulturwerft Gollan’s Halloween party in Lübeck. It is one of the biggest Halloween raves in Northern Germany. There are different main stage themes, including the 1990s Halloween Hell, with a jamming DJ team from Berlin and Charlene playing best pop, rave, and dance hits throughout the night.

Of course, there can not be any Halloween party without flying bats across the stage. There is also a Bloody Hall, featuring confetti from the numerous glitter canons, with famous DJs such as Dj Weidti and Dj HouseKaspeR playing EDM, House, and techno music. This party is in a former shipyard. Gollan is the perfect location to complement the atmosphere of a Halloween rave with lots of multiple themed sound stages. Food and drinks are available on-site throughout the night. There are also prizes for the three best Halloween costumes. So, why not grab your capes on, and get ready to party the night away! Make a booking at the Hotel Die Reederin in Lubeck.

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