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Best Places to Spend Christmas Holidays: 2023 Edition

Best places to spend Christmas holidays

Have you ever dreamed of a magical Christmas holiday, only to be jolted back into reality by the daunting task of deciding where to go? With so many enchanting destinations worldwide, choosing the best places to spend the Christmas holidays can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

I’ve been there, too – gazing at glossy travel magazines and scrolling through endless lists online, yearning for that perfect mix of festive cheer and unforgettable experiences. Beneath the surface lies a wealth of secret gems ready to be explored.

So, strap in and prepare to be transported through a whirlwind of sparkling winter landscapes, vibrant city scenes full of buzz, quaint towns brimming with holiday cheer, and sun-soaked beach escapes that put an unconventional spin on traditional celebrations. We’re even taking you straight to Santa Claus’ hometown!

Best Places to Spend Christmas Holidays in 20

Best places to spend Christmas holidays

If you’re looking for the best places to spend your Christmas holidays in 2023, we’ve got some fantastic options lined up. From cityscapes adorned with Christmas lights and holiday decorations to small towns brimming with unique cultural celebrations, there’s something here for everyone.

Snowy Splendor: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is a winter wonderland that promises an unforgettable white Christmas experience. The resort offers thrilling activities like skiing amidst breathtaking landscapes and ice skating under twinkling holiday lights. It also hosts holiday programming events, including the opportunity to ski with Santa himself. How cool is that?

The accommodations at Four Seasons Resort and Teton Mountain Lodge and Spa are known for their cozy atmosphere – perfect for sipping hot chocolate by the fireplace after a day on the slopes.

Captivating City Lights: New York City

During Christmas time, New York City transforms into a spectacle of light and color unmatched anywhere else. With its famous holiday displays, such as Rockefeller Center’s tree lighting ceremony or Macy’s Herald Square window displays, it’s no wonder why this bustling metropolis ranks high among ideal places to celebrate the season.

You can even enjoy luxury hotels like The Ritz-Carlton Georgetown, where you can view these stunning sights from the comfort of your room.

Charming Small Town Vibes: Highlands, North Carolina

If you prefer a quieter city Christmas experience, consider spending the holidays in Highlands, North Carolina. This charming small town offers an enchanting holiday spirit with its local Christmas market and annual Christmas tree lighting event.

While there’s no guarantee of snow like in Jackson Hole or the vibrant energy you’d find in New York City…

Key Takeaway: 

Ready to make your 2023 Christmas unforgettable? Consider the snowy thrills of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, experience New York City’s unmatched holiday lights, or soak in the charming vibes of Highlands, North Carolina. Each offers unique festive experiences that cater to every taste and preference.

Best places to spend Christmas holidays

Winter Wonderland Destinations for a White Christmas

For those dreaming of a classic white Christmas, these winter wonderland destinations provide stunning views and the perfect atmosphere. They offer more than just picturesque views; they embody the essence of a traditional white Christmas.

Skiing with Santa at Jackson Hole

The breathtaking landscapes of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort serve as an idyllic backdrop to your ski adventure. This resort transforms into a winter wonderland every year in late December when it hosts its annual Christmas spectacular, including ice skating on frozen lakes and skiing down mountain slopes with Santa himself. It’s an experience that brings out everyone’s inner child.

The thrill doesn’t end there. At nightfall, indulge in warm cups of cocoa at one of their luxury hotels like Four Seasons Resort and Residences Jackson Hole. Their lodge is designed to give off that classic ‘mountain cabin’ feel, which adds to the charm this time around each year.

Picture-Perfect White Christmas at Stowe

Famous for its picture-perfect snow-covered landscapes and bustling ski slopes, Stowe, located in Vermont, offers another unique way to spend your holidays. With the natural beauty surrounding you from all sides – whether atop Mt Mansfield or through window displays showcasing handmade ornaments downtown – this place screams ‘Christmas cheer’ louder than any city could ever hope for.

To make things even better, after hours spent playing outside among seasonal decorations under twinkling lights or shopping along Main Street lined with wooden chalets selling everything festive, head back to your lodge’s fireplace for a traditional Christmas meal and movie nights.

For the ultimate relaxation experience, consider staying at Teton Mountain Lodge and Spa. With their soothing hot springs, you can let go of all stress and focus on soaking up that holiday spirit. It’s indeed an ideal place for a white Christmas.

Key Takeaway: 

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Check out Jackson Hole for skiing adventures with Santa, cozy up by the fire at Four Seasons Resort, or soak in holiday cheer at Stowe’s twinkling downtown. Don’t miss Teton Mountain Lodge and Spa’s soothing hot springs for ultimate relaxation. These winter wonderland destinations embody the very essence of a traditional festive season.

City Lights and Festive Atmosphere

The holiday season is the perfect time to explore cities renowned for their stunning decorations. The lights create a festive atmosphere that breathes life into every street corner, making these destinations magical.

Holiday Displays in New York City

Best places to spend Christmas holidays

As you walk down the streets of New York City, it’s hard not to get caught up in the city’s infectious holiday spirit. The dazzling Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is a standout spectacle, an iconic symbol of holidays in this bustling metropolis.

This annual tradition has been lighting up New York City since 1931, each year with a new Norway Spruce adorned with thousands of twinkling LED lights and topped by a shining star. But what makes it even more special are all those gathered around, sharing laughter and joy beneath its glow.

In addition to visiting the famed tree at Rockefeller Center, make sure you don’t miss out on other radiant displays throughout Manhattan. You’ll be mesmerized by window displays from luxury retailers like Macy’s Herald Square or Bergdorf Goodman, which put on an extravagant show during December.

If you want some fun activity along with your light-seeing tour, why not ice skate under one such grandiose display? Yes. Places like Central Park Wollman Rink or Bryant Park Winter Village offer fantastic ice-skating experiences amidst breathtaking backdrops decorated with beautiful lights.

Festive Vibes Everywhere.

Beyond just spectacular visuals, though, there’s something truly captivating about how these sparkling spectacles bring communities together – families taking pictures together under illuminated archways; couples stealing kisses beneath mistletoe hung high above busy city streets; friends sharing cups of hot mulled wine while basking in the glow of thousands of twinkling lights. These small, shared moments make the holiday season so unique.

Make the most of this festive season and explore all your destination has to offer. If you’re planning your trip and need a place to stay, check out our options. There’s something for everyone.

Key Takeaway: 

Immerse yourself in the festive charm of holiday-lit cities, with New York City topping the list. The radiant Rockefeller Center Christmas tree and mesmerizing window displays from luxury retailers offer an unforgettable visual treat. But it’s not just about sightseeing – go ice-skating amidst these twinkling lights or soak up shared moments of joy under illuminated archways.

Best places to spend Christmas holidays

Charming Small Towns and Christmas Markets

The allure of small towns during the holiday season is undeniable. Their unique charm makes them ideal places to spend your Christmas holidays in 2023. Among these, Highlands, North Carolina stands out.

Strolling down Main Street, visitors will be surrounded by festive decorations and twinkling lights that put them in the holiday spirit. But what truly sets it apart is its enchanting Christmas markets. You’ll find wooden chalets selling handmade Christmas ornaments, mulled wine warming up chilled hands, and an infectious air of yuletide cheer spreading through every corner.

Christmas Destinations: European Charm at The Bruges Christmas Market

If you’re looking for something more European in flavor, make sure not to miss the annual Bruges Christmas Market in Belgium, one of Europe’s finest. With seasonal decorations adding sparkle to this medieval city’s already charming streetscapes from late December onwards – it becomes an irresistible destination.

Spend time exploring quaint shops filled with Belgian chocolates or lose yourself among beautifully decorated wooden chalets selling all kinds of treasures – handcrafted gifts perfect for loved ones back home.

Retail Therapy on George Street

Those who enjoy some retail therapy during their vacations can head over to George Street, known for its fantastic window displays dressed up, especially for the holiday season. Between shopping sprees, stop by cafes serving delicious hot springs cuisine paired perfectly with locally sourced wines from Santa Ynez Valley nearby.

“Everywhere we went, carols filled the air. They boosted our holiday spirit and reminded us that it was Christmas time. If you’re hunting for a unique, festive experience this year, consider visiting these charming small towns. Their magical markets could be just what Santa ordered.”

Best places to spend Christmas holidays

Key Takeaway: 

Experience the magic of Christmas in small towns like Highlands, North Carolina, with their festive charm and bustling markets. Find European allure at Belgium’s Bruges Christmas Market or enjoy holiday shopping on George Street. Each offers unique festivities that will make your 2023 Christmas holidays unforgettable.

Santa Claus and North Pole Experience

Imagine the joy of visiting Santa’s hometown, Rovaniemi, in Finland. It’s a magical place to meet the jolly old elf himself and see reindeer prancing about.

The Ultimate Santa Encounter

Getting up close with Santa is an experience that will fill your heart with Christmas cheer. At his official residence in Rovaniemi, he welcomes visitors all year round. But there’s something extra special about meeting him during Christmas time.

Rubbing shoulders with the big man isn’t just for kids, either. The twinkle in his eye is known to bring out childlike wonderment from adults.

A Reindeer Wonderland

Did you know Rovaniemi is home to hundreds of real-life Rudolphs? Here, reindeer aren’t just part of holiday lights or window displays – they’re an integral part of everyday life. Watching these majestic creatures frolic freely around their natural habitat adds another layer to your enchanting North Pole visit.

To top it off, consider taking a guided sleigh ride under a starlit sky through snowy forests – it’s sure to make your festive season memorable.

Northern Lights Magic

If you’re hoping to check off witnessing the Northern Lights from your bucket list, this trip is perfect for you during late December, when they are most likely to appear in Finnish Lapland. Late December offers one of the best chances throughout the year to witness this breathtaking spectacle lighting up Finnish Lapland skies at night.

Looking for the ultimate Christmas cheer? Visit Santa’s official residence in Rovaniemi, Finland. Reindeer sightings, magical Northern Lights, and sleigh rides under starlit skies await you. #Christmas2023Click to Tweet 

National Christmas

Luxury Beach Getaways for a Sunny Christmas

Trading the frosty snowscape for sandy shores might just be your new favorite way to celebrate Christmas. Picture this: waking up on Christmas morning, not to icy winds but the gentle lullaby of ocean waves. Let’s discover some ideal spots to bring that vision into reality.

The Florida Keys: A Tropical Paradise

The Florida Keys, known for its warm beach getaway vibe during holidays, invites you with open arms and clear skies. The vibrant Key West offers an enchanting mix of laid-back charm and holiday spirit — a sunny alternative to traditional celebrations.

A stay at one of their luxury hotels ensures relaxation alongside Yuletide cheer, making it an unforgettable experience in late December. This place truly gives “White Christmas” a whole new meaning.

Bahamas: An Islander’s Merry Festivity

Another popular choice among sun-seekers is the Bahamas. Imagine spending your year’s eve soaking in hot springs or participating in movie nights under starry skies – all while basking in the warmth of tropical weather.

This destination marries conventional merriment with unique island customs beautifully; even Santa ditches his sleigh here and arrives by boat. Now how about that for shaking things up?

Magnificent Maldives: Celebrating amidst Coral Reefs

Last but certainly not least on our list is the Maldives. Known worldwide as an epitome of luxury resorts nestled amongst stunning coral reefs, this destination is an unbeatable choice for a warm Christmas vacation.

From feasting on a delectable Christmas meal with your toes dipped in the sand to watching holiday lights reflecting off clear blue waters – every experience here feels straight out of a fairytale. This festive season, swap reindeer and snowflakes for manta rays and seashells.

Let’s explore these tropical paradises together, shall we?

Listings featured

Key Takeaway: 

Trade in your snow boots for flip-flops this Christmas. The Florida Keys offer a sunny, laid-back holiday vibe, with luxury hotels providing the perfect blend of relaxation and festive cheer. For an island-style celebration, consider the Bahamas, where Santa arrives by boat. And if you’re looking for an even more exotic escape, why not head to the Maldives? There, amidst stunning coral reefs and luxurious resorts, you can savor a delicious Christmas dinner with your toes tickling the warm sand.

Cultural Celebrations and Festive Events

For a truly festive cultural experience this Christmas season, Buenos Aires, Salzburg, and Quebec City are ideal destinations. These destinations offer unique holiday experiences that are rich in tradition.

Buenos Aires: A Latin American Fiesta

Experience a vibrant twist on traditional Christmas celebrations in Buenos Aires. Locals light up the city with spectacular fireworks displays as part of their annual festivities. You’ll also enjoy sumptuous feasts featuring classic Argentine dishes like ‘asado’ (barbecue) under the warm summer sky.

Salzburg: Austrian Traditions Come Alive

In contrast to Buenos Aires’ fiery celebration is Salzburg’s enchanting winter wonderland atmosphere. Charming wooden chalets selling handmade Christmas ornaments fill bustling markets as carolers echo through narrow streets. The city’s annual Advent Singing event offers heartwarming performances that encapsulate Austria’s holiday spirit.

Quebec City: A Francophone Holiday Fairytale

A white Christmas awaits at Quebec City, where historic French charm meets festive cheer with twinkling lights illuminating snowy cobblestone streets. The iconic German-style Christkindlmarkt is ideal for picking up unique gifts while sipping hot mulled wine amidst joyful Yuletide melodies.

To summarize these beautiful locations – each destination provides its take on seasonal traditions, which makes them perfect places to spend the Christmas holidays. You’re not just witnessing a holiday celebration but participating in an unforgettable cultural experience.

Looking for a unique #ChristmasExperience? Try Buenos Aires’ vibrant fiesta, Salzburg’s winter wonderland, or Quebec City’s francophone fairytale. Each city offers its holiday twist – not just celebrations but unforgettable cultural immersions.Click to Tweet 

FAQs in Relation to Best Places to Spend Christmas Holidays

Where is good to go on holiday for Christmas?

Destinations like Jackson Hole, Stowe, and New York City offer unforgettable winter experiences. For a warmer getaway, consider the Florida Keys or Bahamas.

What is the best place to visit for Christmas?

Rovaniemi in Finland provides an enchanting Santa Claus experience, while NYC’s festive atmosphere makes it a top choice.

What is the best place to celebrate Christmas in USA?

Jackson Hole and Stowe are great for traditional white Christmases. For city lights and festivities, nothing beats New York City.

What is the most magical place for Christmas?

The small town of Highlands in North Carolina offers charm and magic with its enchanting markets during the Christmas season.


Exploring during the yuletide season can be an enchanting experience. The best places to spend Christmas holidays often combine stunning landscapes, vibrant festivities, and unique traditions.

Ski down Jackson Hole’s picturesque slopes or enjoy Stowe’s snowy scenes by a cozy fire. Soak in New York City’s festive lights and displays while sipping mulled wine.

Discover quaint towns with charming markets selling handmade ornaments, visit Santa Claus’s hometown for an authentic North Pole experience, or opt for luxury beach getaways if you fancy sand over snow.

Dive into cultural celebrations worldwide from Buenos Aires to Quebec City. These destinations aren’t just about beautiful views but also the unforgettable experiences they offer!

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