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Germany Valentine Weekend; Places To Be

Germany is a beautiful place. Finding a romantic setting for a lovely day out this valentine’s season is not difficult. Looking for a home with romantic vibes? Check out these Germany valentine weekend places:


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Bamberg is on seven hills, just like Rome. This city is small but beautiful and enchanting, and it is a World Heritage Site because of its historic architecture. It has magnificent structures! The medieval half-timbered houses, late Romanesque early gothic imperial cathedral, St Michael’s Monastery, and Altenburg Castle. Bamberg is famous for its unusual old town hall, situated in the center of a bridge.

The river Regnitz, divided into two at the city’s center, helped create the ‘Island District.’ Also, there is a pedestrian zone in Island District where boutique shops and restaurants are. After ‘Little Venice, a former fishing settlement, go for an experience in a romantic gondola ride by the waterways. Additionally, check out the region’s famous smoked beer at the breweries. For a terrific view of the area, visit the terrace at Altenburg castle, situated on the highest hill in this city.


The historical structures of Heidelberg survived the Second World War; this means the architectural history is still intact. The castle ruins on the hill above are still evident today. This place is known as the center of German 18th-century Romanticism because of influential writers living there. Writers like Clemens Brentano live there. Also, the magical town of Altstadt, with its charms, has a Christmas market that has its little forest.

Check out the arched bridge that provides a pass across the Neckar river. While at the river, you can rent a boat or sit and drink, overlooking the view of vineyards at the Neckarwiese. You can also walk up the Philosophers Weg with your partner and enjoy the area’s beauty. Or ride on the Bergbahn (mountain train) to the Molenkur. Molenkur is a small Schloss and a perfect spot for hikes in the area.

Heidelberg is indeed a place for lovers. Take a stroll along pedestrian streets, visit the Castle, then end the day with a nice dinner at Schnitzel Haus Alte Münz. Heidelberg is for the romantic at heart.


For that perfect romantic getaway, Monschau is your place. The beautiful medieval town, the winding river, and the Castle make a wonderful setting for a weekend getaway. Not only on valentine’s but at any time of the year, Monschau will make a great destination. Additionally, the restaurants have outdoor settings along the streets every summer, and Monschau celebrates an open-air music festival in August. During the winter, the town hosts a Christmas market.
Also, there are a good number of hiking trails around the hills. Monschau had glassworks, and there were demonstrations daily.


Meissen is on the Elbe river, the birthplace of European porcelain. This is the oldest town in Saxony, and most people think it resembles Prague because of its red roofs. Thus, treat yourself and your partner to the beautiful view of the Elbe valley by visiting the 16th-century Castle and the gothic cathedral. Also, the view from up there is breathtaking. Meissen is also known for producing wine, and they host a wine festival every September. But you and your partner can attend their several arts, music, and culture festivals hosted all year round.


The Krämerbrücke, or Merchants’ Bridge, is a must-see place in Erfurt. Go on that date and enjoy the view of the architecture of the half-timber houses, old but well-preserved and beautiful architecture of Germany. Also, you two can stroll along with the bridge’s magical string lights and catch that straight-out-of-the-movies feeling.

The Island of Sylt

Sylt had beautiful beaches with breathtaking landscapes and gourmet seafood. Visit these beaches with your partner and walk along the white sand and the backdrop of red cliffs. Also, they are spectacular, even in February.


Lindau is a city situated on the banks of Bodensee and Bodensee is the largest lake in Germany. The city is between Germany and Austria, just on the border. This town gives an incredible view of the surrounding Alps across the aquamarine waters. Most of the city is on the mainland, but the Hintere Insel (black island) is quite secluded from the rest. Also, during summer, this place is perfect for swimming, boat trips, and paddle boarding. During winter, the site is also just as beautiful, with snow on the many red rooves of the town. Sometimes the lake freezes!

You and your partner can enjoy the beaches, learn about medieval villages from the locals, check out the butterfly sanctuary and take selfies at the lighthouse! And you can also have a lovely evening at any of the restaurants.


In 2009, Trier celebrated its 2,025th birthday! This city is the oldest in Germany; Trier is the ‘Rome of the North. Trier is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its Roman and medieval structures and vibrant history standing to date. You and your partner can visit places here; you can see the Roman gate, have fun at the imperial baths, and feed your eyes at the theater and the 4th-century basilica. And you can stroll from one site to another, and they are all within walking distance.

The town is not far from Luxembourg, just on the Moselle river. It is home to the oldest gothic church in Germany and rich Roman history. Additionally, it is the home of Karl Marx ( his birthplace!), and the house where he grew up remains open to visitors. It serves as a memorial museum.


Cochem is another beautiful place situated on the Mosel river. Opposite the town is a majestic 11th-century castle. This Castle is 100m above the river and is a tourist site too. So you can go on a river cruise and enjoy the greenery, forests, hills, and vineyards with your partner. Furthermore, you can hike through the vineyards with a few stops for breaks and a taste of wine. Cochem is popularly known as the “queen of the white vines.”


Quedlinburg is a small town, and it is in the north of the Harz mountains. It is one of the most preserved medieval towns in Europe. This renaissance town has survived the war and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its typical red roofs, cobbled streets, and half-timbered houses are such a sight. This town 2019 celebrated its 1,100 years since King Heinrich I was the first King of Germany. Lastly, you and your partner can learn the rich history of this place from the locals, go on hikes and enjoy a fabulous evening dining in one of the restaurants.


Goslar is a UNESCO World Heritage Site; its historic mine, town gates, and imperial palace brought this title. Goslar is at the foothills of the Harz mountains. It is an excellent start to exploring the Harz national park. This town was quite wealthy in the middle ages because of the silver and copper ore deposits at the Rammelberg mine near the city. You can walk the cobblestone streets and admire this little town with your partner. The main square also houses a Christmas market.


Görlitz has been named the best filming location in Europe! Görlitz is in the east. It is a sight to behold. Many movie scenes have been shot here; most of the scenes from the Oscar-winning film ‘Grand Budapest Hotel‘ were drilled at different locations in this town. ‘The Reader,’ ‘Monuments Men,’ and ‘Inglourious Basterds’ were all shot at other parts of this beautiful city.

This small city has about 3,500 monuments as old as 500 years, from the renaissance to the art nouveau. This city is divided into two by a river, Lusitzer Niesse, a German district, and the other part is a Polish district called Zgorzelec. There is a lot you and your partner can do here. You can take Instagram-worthy pictures while walking through the streets, visit the monuments and have a local talk to you about them, and learn the history of this beautiful place. Compare your flight and hotel prices before booking here.


Dinkelsbühl was built in the 8th century. It is a walled Romantic city that is not as frequented by tourists as the other towns in Bavaria. The small town has a rich history, and it opened its gates to Catholics and Protestants during the Reformation. You can visit the shops and cafes around Weinmarkt with your partner. Or take a walk and spend time admiring the town’s quaint architecture: many beaches, a beautiful landscape, thatched-roof houses, gourmet restaurants, and wellness hotels. You can spend your weekend exploring and enjoying this beautiful place. Take a ride down the Romantic Road in Bavaria with your sweetheart.

All-round Germany is a beautiful place. The scenic route that takes you to the foothills of the Alps from the Franconian Wine Country, the unspoiled nature, Instagram-worthy towns with city walls, towers, half-timbered houses, hidden monasteries, and enchanting hotels! You can treat your sweetheart to a life of royalty by spending a night in one of Germany’s fantasy castle hotels. Have a feel of the medieval times in the medieval castles, enclosed in ancient stone walls with luxurious four-poster beds and antique furniture, and modern-day conveniences. Finally, have delightful dinners in the candlelight restaurants at most of these places. Just enjoy Germany during this period of love.

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