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Every city has its highs and lows on everything, including snacks, but Macau puts a spin on it. In fact, you will be mesmerised by the mouthwatering dessert aromas in Macau. Macau can never let you down when it comes to filling your day with a delicious dessert, whether it’s a plate of fried noodles or a packet of perfectly cooked egg tarts.


Macau Dessert

Is a trip to Macau even complete without a taste of their famous egg tarts? No. This delicacy rose to fame after British pharmacist cum baker Andrew Stow showcased his culinary talents. Its legendary flavour comes from the fact that it’s not as sweet and savoury as Pastel De Nata.  However, the first Egg Tart ate.

The egg tarts are baked on-site daily. However, they’re even more delicious when taken hot with a puff pastry crust, delicious egg filling, and crispy creme brulée top.
Hence, when you consider the home of egg tarts, think of Lord Stow’s Bakery. The bakery is also one of Macau’s most authentic, delicious, and mouthwatering egg bakeries.
Moreover, the original Lord Stow’s Bakery at Coloane Village has two other branches in the Venetian Macao Resort. Find out more on Lord Stow’s Bakery.


Macau Dessert

Serradura is the Portuguese word for sawdust. Thus, after its opening in 2003, Seradura had the Best Sawdust Pudding.
Serradura excites its consumers, tourists and locals alike with its unique, innovative and delicious sawdust pudding.
From Hong Kong to Macau, in fact, very few food establishments can make a pudding as delicious as the one made and sold at Serradura. So when visiting Macau, don’t miss out on trying this delicacy. Even a former governor of Macao testified to the goodness of the Serradura Sawdust pudding.


Macau Dessert

This beautiful company offers frozen Italian desserts. LemonCello is the creator of Macau’s first delicious ice cream.
The original Lemoncello shop in the peninsula of Macau in the World Heritage Area. LemonCello second shop is a Cafe in Taipa.
Although LemonCello fresh ice cream made with very little fat and having up to 40 delicious flavours has earned a reputation for being a healthy ice cream choice. Consequently, the alley situated lovely house makes diners fall in love with its signature flavours of lemon, grapefruit and mango.


Macau Dessert

Bamboo pole noodles, locally known as “JOOK-SING”. Which is gaining popularity worldwide at a fast rate, is a delicious speciality of Wong Chi Kei. Hence their staple comes from the highly sought after shrimp roe noodles. The noodles have a very nice smooth texture when it hits your taste buds.

The Wonton noodles are delicious too. It is also wrapped in a thick filling and carefully rolled into a thin batter. It is a delicious shrimp.

Furthermore, suggestions to visitors who have time to spare and can eat more are encouraged to try their various mouthwatering side dishes as well. And also, try to be on time or get ready to queue in a delightful atmosphere. Kindly open the link for the world spiciest food.


Macau Dessert

Heng Yu is Macau’s culinary haven and a food lover’s paradise. Its street food vending points and stalls are always bustling with shoppers. The stalls are lively, well-loved and trendy. They serve clean ingredients carefully displayed for customers to choose their favourite options. Heng Yu can cook for you on the spot.

There are stalls of this type everywhere in Macau, but its famous curry sauce makes Heng Yu exquisite and unique.
As a contemporary Japanese Oden sauce or stew, the aroma of the deliciously made sauce radiates from afar. Thus igniting your appetite. There is no chance of forgetting the giant spongy fish balls dripping with spicy and aromatic curry. They also offer cheese balls, delicious crabmeat balls and delicious sea urchins. See a list of Delicious Icelandic Desserts.


 Macau Dessert

Rocca Patisserie is a famous dessert shop located on a quiet corner of Noronha Street, Macau. Their desserts are famous for their artistic expression. At Rocca Patisserie, eye-catching cakes are handcrafted with natural ingredients to provide customers with a healthy experience of authentic taste and texture.
Each cake wows guests with its unique features, layers, and explosive flavour. Rocca Pastry Shop will launch a new series of cakes each season. The pastry shop is open daily from 1:30 pm to 7:30 pm.


Macau Dessert

The location of D’light Dessert Cafe is in Rua da Ribera do Patane. As the name suggests, it is of course a great place to relax and enjoy delicious light desserts. The coffee shop is open from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm every day.
Consequently, D’light Dessert Cafe offers a wide variety of menus, including pastries, sandwiches and pasta. In addition, guests can order themed beverages, especially coffee beverages, with cartoons and craft paintings on top.
The modern and simple decoration of the Cafe creates a warm atmosphere.
Moreover, their menu includes vegetarian and vegan options prepared by an outstanding and skilled kitchen team, making it the best place for vegetarians and healthy eating enthusiasts.


 Macau Dessert

Oden’s studio, located at Rua do Capão, is Macau’s first Japanese Kanto cooking shop. The studio is open from Monday to Saturday from 6 pm to 1 am.
Guests are sure to be treated to an authentic Japanese dessert experience as both the owner and cook are FROM Osaka, Japan.
However, as the name suggests, the signature dish is Oden, a Japanese street snack of skewers. Another highlight dish is the Sakura Shingen Mochi, also known as wobbly water “cake”, which will vanish into a sweet puddle if not eaten in 30 minutes.


Macau Dessert

From elaborate ice cream to pancakes and seasonal fruit tarts, hence Cha Bei Café is a fun place for lovers of sweet desserts. It is open Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 9 pm.
Its pink-themed paintings are sure to thrill and relax guests; after all, pink hence to be a cheerful colour. With plenty of sweets and dining options throughout the day, indeed Cha Bei may be the best place to hang out with friends and share the dining experience.


Macau Dessert

Nam Ping is a small, old and well-known dessert and food place in Macau. Nan Ping is truly the best place for sweet and sugar-free desserts. They are open from 6 am to 6 pm every day.
Hence, lovers of sweet desserts who visit the Café will appreciate the sweet bread, while those who like desserts without sugar can try the sugar bun. The sugar bun may look sweet; it is not.
In addition, They also serve various home-cooked dishes, such as egg noodle soup, Char Sui (barbecued pork) sandwiches, pure butter or jelly toast, omelette or fried eggs with bread and oatmeal in various shapes and flavours.

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