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Mount Patti

Hiking Mount Patti

Are you a lover of hiking and rich history? Or are you just interested in history or hiking? Then, hiking Mount Patti is the place for you. Mount is an abbreviation for mountain, and Patti is a Nupe word that means Hill. Located in Lokoja City, Kogi State. Mountain Patti is indeed one of the best and most exciting places for tourists and anyone visiting Lokoja for the first time, the state capital. Climbing to the top of a mountain about 1,500 feet above sea level will be an exciting experience for visitors to the ancient city. See the wonder of Obudu Mountain Resort.



Hiking Mount Patti is famous, a British journalist Lady Flora Louise Luggard (née Shaw) gave Nigeria its name. Although, it is known as the place where Lord Luggard built his lodge. Hence the top of the mountain helped him keep an eye on what was going on in the city. Renowned for its fertile soil, aerial views of the vast city and neighbouring confluence, distinctive features and a piece of Nigerian history. Indeed, Mountain Patti attracts tourists to see the country’s magnificence. However, the most important of its exciting features is a giant baobab tree that is said to be over 100 years old.

In the same way, one cool thing about this site is the serene atmosphere and mild climate that truly greets you as you travel to the summit. Although the weather conditions in Lokoja town is usually hot, a visit and hiking Mountain Patti in contrast provides lush, dense vegetation and rocky hills that give off a cool breeze year-round, giving you a place that you can enjoy. Moreover, the winding road to the top of Mt Patti is a wonder worth admiring as you go up. Thus the mountainous plateau can represent three football fields.

NTA (Nigeria Television Authority), NITEL (Nigerian Telecommunications), and other radio stations have facilities at the top of Mount Patti . There are also farms belonging to the locals around the mountain. See an incredible experience in Mount Patti.



However, since there is no airport in Kogi state, the best way to come to Lokoja is through Abuja when travelling by air. And then, from there, take a bus to Lokoja, Kogi state. The distance from Abuja to Lokoja is about 101 miles (162 km).
Nonetheless, there are various hotels close to the road to the mountain, such as the Suitoria hotel, Idrinana hotel, Karomsi Garden hotel, Bigg Brother’s hotel, and they may cost you anywhere between $7 and $50.Cheap, right?
The distance from the gate to the mountain’s summit is about 6 km and takes about 30 minutes. Hiking mountain Patti is accessible.

The path up the mountain passes through the Gmelina farm, where there are wooden power poles. Also on the way, the vegetation pattern begins to change. Finally, after an arduous journey uphill, you have stepped into the embrace of the great plains. The air in Mount Patti is of course refreshingly cool, and the place is dazzling, more felt when hiking mount Patti. It is also incredibly fascinating to see the vast green landscape from below. Finally, in its tranquillity, climate, and excellent vegetation, it is a unique place, evidenced by mosquitoes’ absence despite the lush grassy environment. Open the link for a similar experience.



          There are many things you can do when hiking MountainPatti.

    1. Hike to the top of the mountain.
    2. Enjoy the beautiful view while having a fantastic view of Lokoja from above.
    3. Discover the confluence between the Niger River and the Bénoué river.
    4. Explore the mountain, its history and its natural wonders.
    5. Check out the historical resting house of Lord Luggard and Lady Flora Luggard (née Shaw)
    6. Chat with the locals and learn more about this important place in Nigeria history.
    7. Have a picnic, if you can.
    8. Take a lot of photos to preserve this memory.



    1. Wear comfortable clothes. Running shoes or sneakers, more preferably over heels or slightly higher shoes.
    2. Drinking water. A lot, lol.
    3. Sunscreen, sun shades and hat.
    4. Camera to take pictures.
    5. Local guides and maps. Google maps are preferred.
    6. If you’re planning a picnic, food.
    7. A telescope.
    8. A healthy body as only strong-minded and at the peak of their physical health can make the hike.

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