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Top 10 Hidden Gems in Dubai.

Dubai is a highly populated city in UAE and its capital also. It was a small fishing village in the 18th century. However, the city has grown since then. It is now a cosmopolitan metropolis. 

Tourism and hospitality rank high in Dubai. Dubai is indeed the world’s most popular tourist destination. This city has a lot of interesting, beautiful and fun-filled places. However, there are not so popular but unique and beautiful places hidden all over, and I want us to notice them! 

Here are ten hidden places in Dubai.

Snow Cinema


Snow Cinema is a creation of Ski and VOX Cinemas. It’s a stunning one-of-a-kind cinematic experience in Ski Dubai’s white wonderland. This cinema, made for the gram. Imagine scenery with significant snowfall, a big screen and a romantic movie. What a feeling that will be!

Snow Cinema is made with state-of-the-art sound and image quality extraordinaire, the best indoor ski resort with glistening snow, blankets and heaters. And very important, you can relax with VOX Cinemas’ freshly made popcorn, Ski Dubai’s signature hot chocolate, or place an order from an extensive menu and have it delivered to your seat. Quite a remarkable experience.

Miracle Garden


It opened on the 14th of February in 2013, and it is the world’s most extensive natural flower garden. Miracle Garden is a flower garden in the district of Dubailand. It has a landmass of about 72,000 square metres (780,000 sq ft)!

There are more than 50 million flowers and 250 million plants also. This garden is full of scents, colours and beautiful flower arrangements. The Miracle Garden is another gem that comes to life every year. Lastly, Miracle Garden holds the award of the Moselle Award for New Garden Experiences of the year in April 2015 by the Garden Tourism Award 2015.

Not A Space


Not A Space is a remote desert hangout in Sharjah desert. It has a cafe, a barber, a unisex salon and plenty of socially distanced relaxing spots. Get a feel of sunrise or sunset in the unique environment. Also, Not A Space is centred around a pop-up style food truck and a staging area. Lastly, there is live music and fire shows. 

Love Lake


Another tourist attraction in Dubai is the beautiful Love Lake. It is an artificial Lake made to resemble two interlocked hearts. Thus, the lake firmly secures its position as one of the most romantic places in the city. The love lake was opened in November 2018. Also, see why you need a travel health insurance?

The Love Lake is amidst the Al Salam desert dunes. A 10-minute drive away from Dubai’s Al Qudra Lake. Love lake is also home to over 170 exotic animals, flowers and plants, and various birds and marine habitats. Lastly. the love Lake is an excellent place to spend time with loved ones.

The Farm


Al Barari has created a world of its right in the heart of Dubai. It is complete with an abundance of natural greenery, flowing water and chirping birds. The Farm has been designed almost entirely white. The main terrace is along a flowing stream and a beautiful pond. Guests can also take a stroll around the Farm. In addition, there are hidden bridges and picturesque forest scenery. 

Furthermore, the Farm, on average, will cost AED 280 for two people. That is if you order two appetisers, two main courses, two drinks, and a dessert. Also, see the must visit mosques in UAE.

Hotel Indigo


The first boutique hotel in the United Arab Emirates is twenty minutes away from the Expo 2020 site. It is pretty beautiful with carefully curated rooms, mother-of-pearl bathrooms, Moroso designer chairs and a fantastic view.

Equipped with a gym, yoga studio, 25-metre infinity pool, cocktail bar, pool deck Orange Feels Bar, Shisha Lounge and Bakala Jooos juice bar, Hotel Indigo indeed has almost everything!

Community Cafe


A small community cafe situated in Al Mamzar Beach, Dubai, is a space for the creative and truly a gem as most people have yet to discover it. The meals are indeed exquisite with just the right view!

Parker’s, Al Safa

Perfect breakfast by the beach with eggs, toast, açaí bowls and coffee. Lunch classics like mac and cheese, sliders and, and fun-filled dinner! It all gets better at Parker’s. Parker’s​ restaurant & cafe situated at La Mer, Jumeira 1 is yet another place to visit. Parker’s restaurant started operating in 2015. Thus, it creates a diversion from the regular to something more unique. Lastly, it’s eclectic beachfront is quite remarkable.

The Jungle Courtyard


The Jungle Courtyard restaurant is another not so famous place in Dubai. Almost like a jungle inside a city, it has branches of trees hanging from the walls! Also, the restaurant has plush velvet seating. It has VIP rooms if you enjoy privacy. Finally, the menu is fantastic. This uniquely different place is at Jumeirah 1.

Top Golf


Topgolf is a golf center that inspires people of all ages and skill levels. Whether one can play or not. Topgolf encourages people to come together for playful competition. Also, guests enjoy point-scoring golf games with microchipped balls. With a TV screen that shows accuracy and distance of shots! Topgolf has a chef-driven menu, top-shelf drinks, big-screen TVs and music in climate-controlled hitting bays. In addition, they have events for kids and families, social leagues, groups and golf tournaments year-round. Make your bookings at Rolla Residence Hotel Apartment, Dubai.

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