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Mykonos Island in Greece is a very lively island with many characterful and diverse villages. Thanks to the fantastic beaches surrounding the island. You are sure to have a swell time trying out different water-based sports and game ideas such as scuba diving, windsurfing, snorkeling. Also, you can spend your time jet skiing or tanning on improving your glow.

The end of daytime doesn’t mark a lot of the fun as the lustrous sunset in Mykonos marks the beginning of the bustling and very active nightlife. Visitors and locals can party the night away in some of the famous clubs. Also, you could enjoy a romantic dinner with stunning views of the Aegean at the quiet seaside village.

In addition, there is an abundance of history to discover, mainly in museums and ancient Greece landmarks. Taverns, cafes and restaurants are abundantly available to meet your culinary needs when you get tired or hungry from your sightseeing or want to enjoy a fine Greek delicacy. Explore out these thrillingly exciting towns that will ensure that you have the whole Mykonian experience while on the island.
Now here are the beautiful towns, beaches and villages that are sure to make you want to return to Mykonos in Greece. See the intriguing facts about Hobbiton Lord of the Rings.


Mykonos Island Greece
Sunset at Mykonos Town

The Mykonos Town, or “CHORA” as the locals call it. “CHORA,” is the capital and largest town on the island of Mykonos in Greece. Indeed, Chora is a magnificent maze of streets filled with tavernas, cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, boutiques and jewellery shops. Unfortunately, the center of Mykonos town is usually closed to traffic most of the day as many of the lanes are too narrow to accommodate scooters and bicycles.

While up in the hills overlooking the town, your view will show you the iconic 16th-century windmill and the display of the picturesque Little Venice area, which is not far from the famous windmills. Some warm cafes and restaurants make a nice pitstop for a meal or snack in between sightseeing.

The town of Chora comes alive at night time when the many nightclubs and bars are filled with crazed party visitors. Also, the party often runs on well into the wee and early hours. Also, Mykonos Town is not more than 3 kilometres away from the airport, so you quickly get here by bus, taxi or rented car. Central bus stations can get you connections to almost every part of the island located in Fabrika and Old Port.


Mykonos Island Greece
Small Colorful Hotel near Año Mera

Año Mera is a serene and picturesque village set right in the heart of Mykonos Island. Indeed, this town is quiet, calm and peaceful, even though it is the second most populated town on the island. Everything here in Año Mera is around a massive public square and the vast terrains of cobbled lanes branching out from it.

You will discover many restaurants, bakeries, cafes, and taverns to spend time away in a very peaceful afternoon.
The Año Mera is the only inland settlement on the island; thus, there is no single beach in Año Mera. Instead, the major tourist sensation and attraction is a restored monastery that was renovated and is said to have dated back to 1542.

There are also visible walking trails to explore in the quite rocky hills nearby. Lastly, Año Mera is a short fifteen minutes bus or car journey from Mykonos Town. The journey tends to make for an exciting day trip to see a typically beautiful Cycladic village.


Mykonos Island Greece
Klouvas Village

Klouvas is quite a small settlement located towards the northern parts of Mykonos, known for its delicious foods.
Besides the nearby Ftelia beach, the food is the other main attraction to this place. Thus, the village has numerous restaurants offering mainly Greek and Mediterranean cuisines. It should come as a surprise that seafood is present in most of the dishes on the menu.

Moreover, you can also enjoy the famously delicious handmade Greek ice cream made by the best Greek pastry chefs. If you interested to learn how to rustle up some delicious Greek food yourself, you should visit the Mykonian Spiti Centre. Next, the Mykonian Spiti centre has places for cooking classes, among other numerous fun activities.

Ftelia beach is popularly known as an excellent and trending spot for windsurfing. However, if you wish to burn off a few of those extra calories accumulated from the different greek delicacies, swimming and surfing at the Ftelia beach will be the best place to do that. Finally, Klouvas is a fifteen-minute drive from both Mykonos Town and the island’s Airport.


Mykonos Island Greece
Ornos Beach

A visit to Ornos will give you the chance to enjoy a beach holiday and experience a typical Cycladic Island Village atmosphere and ambience. The beaches in this area attract crowds with the solemn promise of sun-lounging and fun, fast-paced activities such as diving and kitesurfing.

There are numerous attractions available on land too. Thus, the village is usually bustling, with diverse businesses popping up to attend to the very needs of the visiting beachgoers and locals. Moreover, there are many tavernas, restaurants and cafes, and plenty of accommodation options and hotels.

Then, if you’re feeling even more adventurous, you check out the archaeological ruins on Delos. Ornos situated on a narrow isthmus, which gifts the area its two beautiful beaches. One of the beaches is in the north and the other to the south. Furthermore, Ornos is very easy to reach from Mykonos, with buses and cabs running every hour from Fabrika bus station in Greece. Don’t miss out on these free tuition universities in Europe.


Mykonos Island Greece
Kalafati Beach

Kalafati is a quiet and calm little village with a trendy beach among families and fans of watersports. Aside from the fun-filled air and sea activities like sailing, windsurfing and diving. There is plenty of sights to see and thing to do inland.

In addition, there are plenty of open-air bars and seafood restaurants that constantly cater to the crowds that come for refreshments along the shoreline. However, if you are heading further inland, there is a certainty of finding laidback tavernas, cafes and eateries.

Enjoying a good walk along the rugged trails that hug the coastline heading southwards towards Agia Anna Beach and the beautiful small fishing village of Divounia should be in your activities plan. In addition, there is a little taverna or cafe here and there where you can rehydrate before making the return trip. The Kalafti is about a twenty-five-minute drive from Mykonos Town. Buses leave from the Old Port station every four hours. So check ahead for updated departure times.


Mykonos Island Greece
Platys Gialos Beach

Platys Gialos is known as one of the best beach locations in Mykonos. Also, Platys Gialos is well-deserving of its spot with the beautiful sandy stretching of the beach plays host to a range of waterborne activities, especially during the summer.

Whether you want to go hatching, windsurfing, parasailing, or something more tranquil like sunbathing on the shore, there is always something for everyone. The Platys Gialos is more than just home to a beach. In addition, there are plenty of waterfront bars, warm and cozy tavernas, food vendors and superbly managed upscale restaurants to visit for a good time.

Next, Platys Gialos is filled with intricately winding trails to explore, most of which lead to secluded rocky viewpoints making them great places to enjoy the sun setting over the Aegean. Furthermore, Platys Gialos is in the south of the island, about four kilometres from Mykonos Town. Buses can get a little crowded during peak season, especially in July and August. Also, the village is also accessible by foot from surrounding beaches, including Paradise Beach and the Paraga.


Agios Stefanos Marina

Agios Stefanos lies in a calm corner of Mykonos and is suitable for visitors looking for a more relaxed vibe. The spectacular whitewashed buildings of the village are home to several bars and restaurants and a unique choice of accommodation near the shore.

The Agios Stefanos offers a much more relaxed nightlife than the surrounding neighboring bustling capital. Also, it has tavernas that make deliciously prepared traditional styled delicious taverna style food. There is always present great views over the bay at sunset. Also, check out the lamb shank as it comes highly recommended.

Furthermore, Agios Stefanos is towards the Northern sides of Mykonos Town. Thus, there are available buses regularly departing from the Old Port bus station. Having a car will make the journey about a fifteen-minute drive from the centre of Mykonos Town. Make a smart flight booking at Qatar Airways.
I hope this article gives you a full insight into the best places to visit in Mykonos.

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