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Skyline Trail Breathtaking scenery, incredible wildlife, and relaxing hikes that make you breathtaking? The Skyline Trail  Breton Highlands National Park has all of it and more. This is one of the most beautiful roads in the world and one of the most exciting trails. If you are planning a trip to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, one thing you should not miss is hiking along the Skyline Trail.

The Skyline Trail, a 6 mile loop trail, located approximately 1,330 feet above the Cabot Trail French Mountain in Nova Scotia. It is a secluded and tranquil hiking trail that gives you stunning views of the Cabot Trail and Gulf of St. Lawrence. At first, the seemingly mild and well-preserved trail quickly becomes a breathtakingly peaceful wilderness where hikers can see bears, elk, coyotes and many birds, and they will be eager to catch them with a camera.

Exploring Skyline Trail

Truly, Skyline Trail, Breton National Park has charming scenery, dense flora and fauna, beginners and intermediate hikers will love the beautiful environment here. Moose, bald eagles, black bears, coyotes and many northern birds live in this habitat. Additionally, there are some fragile plants under protection in the park.

The Skyline Trail is a 9 km long loop. The trail itself is paved with a gravel walkway leading to a fork in the road. Going left will take you happily along the gravel and plank paths, and finally lead to the viewing platform at the top and edge of the French mountain; here, you can also see the rest of the Cabot Trail (about 1,330 feet) from above, as well as the St. Lawrence Bay. There are rest areas and plenty of photo opportunities, but pay attention to the edge of the mountain, because there are no railings or obstacles. This trail area is also very open and windy, and you can see the beauty of the cliff top. Skyline Trail


Skyline Trail, Breton National Park is open all year long and no matter the season. In fact, there’s always a fun way to enjoy your time alone or with family and friends.

  • Hiking.
  • Observe the local wildlife and admire the stunning scenery on the Cabot Trail.
  • Watch the whales in the Gulf of St. Lawrence from the observation deck.
  • Go on the guided sunset trail hike.


The hike on the Skyline Trail, Breton National Park takes about 2 hours to complete and is in full sun. Here are some things to bring.

  • If you plan to complete the entire cycle, please bring plenty of water.
  • Apply sunscreen before hiking and bring some to reapply.
  • Wear suitable clothing; this includes a good pair of running or hiking shoes, and clothes appropriate for the weather.
  • Bring insect repellent, as black flies and mosquitoes are common throughout the summer.
  • Don’t forget your camera, because the scenery is really surreal and you will want to capture them!
  • If you are hiking on this trail in sunny months, please also bring sunglasses (you will regret not wearing them because this trail is sunny).


The nearest international airport is Halifax Stanfield International Airport. From Halifax, and it takes 4 hours to drive to Chéticamp entrance in Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Generally, the best way to explore Cape Breton and the Cabot Trail is  by car. A daily park entry fee of $8 per adult is charged.

In spite of the distance from the Skyline Trail to Chéticamp and Pleasant Bay is about the same, but Chéticamp has more hotel options. These hotels cost between $129 and $153. The closest full-service camp is Chéticamp in Cape Breton Highlands National Park with 122 camps. So it is best to pitch a tent on this campsite in order to save money, spend more time outdoors, and explore Skyline Trail, Breton National Park. Finally, for something more rustic there is a very small campground nearby, right on the water’s edge called Corney Brook Campground. It is a first come, first served camp with no potable water. Great Barrier Reef and White Heaven Beach, Australia


  • First, read the “Keep it Wild, Keep it Safe” booklet available on the Park Visitor Center and the Parks Canada website.
  • Stay on the boardwalk to protect fragile vegetation.
  • The Skyline Trail does not allow dogs to enter, as they will interfere with wildlife, especially moose and bears.
  • Do not approach, disturb or feed wild animals.
  • Wear appropriate clothing: As a result of rapid weather changes that often occur.
  • Carry water with you, especially on long trails, climbing slopes, or open wilderness.
  • For public safety and environmental protection considerations, thus Skyline Trail does not allow mountain bikes.
  • Finally, do not throw food or leftovers on trails or roads. How to Travel on Budget

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