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Zanzibar, Tanzania Amazing Vacation For You.

On an island on the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Tanzania, lies Zanzibar. Zanzibar is truly a destination with something for everyone, whether your interest lies in history, culture, architecture, cuisines, fruits, spices, furniture styles, fabrics and jewellery.
Tanzania is a sweet African nation with deep cultural value, complementing the exquisite beauty of the savannah. Thus, an African country with exotic lands and islands. This country indeed prides itself on its unique and picturesque island scenery.

Zanzibar Island, also known as UNGUJA island, is the main Island in Tanzania’s Zanzibar archipelago. At the thought of Zanzibar, the image that comes to mind is of virgin beaches with pristine white sands, azure blue Indian Ocean water and lush tropical vegetation.

The aquatic and land ecosystem is just as mythical as the island, from the red colobus to the almost extinct Zanzibar Leopards population. In its vast jungles, you will discover mammals and faunas. Nurseries of fishes that have been proclaimed extinct or rare still habit in its Indian Ocean. See the best of Zanzibar, Tanzania

The wonders of Zanzibar are limitless. Some of its popular historical sites include:

1. Tumbatu Island.
2. Fukuchani ancient ruins and caves.
3. Mtoni Palace ruins.
4. Mangapwani slave Chambers.
5. Christ Church Cathedral.
6. House of Wonders( Beit-el-Ajaib).
7. Prison Island.
8. Spice town.
9. Space Station Zanzibar.
10. Marahubi Palace.
11. Jozani Chwaka Bay National park.

Heard of the Stone Town?? The location is in Zanzibar. These places speak of the influences and footprints left behind by travellers, including the Arabs, Indians, Persians, Europeans and even Chinese that have passed through the island for centuries. It also showcases the ruins and remnants of the ancient empires that have risen and fallen. An amazing three days visit to Obudu Mountain Resort, Nigeria.


3-4 days is indeed enough time to have fun in Zanzibar. However, for more experience and to take in the magnificence and beauty of this place, indeed visitors should plan to stay for about 1-2 weeks.

Of course, visitors can stay in Stone Town for at least 2-3 days if you plan on staying for a week or longer. The historical and cultural capital of Zanzibar City is Stone Town. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Therefore, tourists who plan to spend 3-4 days in Zanzibar can visit it as a day trip.

Although, there are various accommodation options, some with a private terrace. Hence, with $35 per person, visitors can also have a treat to a 4-course meal and entertainment. To watch the sunset from the top of the roof of a teahouse or restaurant. Also listening to the melodious singing of the locals will leave you with the desire to stay forever.

However, the downside is that most of the buildings are historical and with plenty of stairs, making them not friendly to the disabled.
From Stone Town, visitors can also move to a beach house to experience the decadence of the Zanzibarian beaches.

However, there is no limit to the list of fun activities when it comes to guest houses in Zanzibar. Indeed, there is something for everyone from the bubbling guesthouses in Nungwi or Kedwa, which are of course perfect for party lovers. Also, the low budget and quiet places like the Resort Filao beach, which is truly ideal for tourists searching for some peace.

Some of the attractions visitors can see include:

1. Stone town walking tour.
2. Zanzibar fruit and spice tour.
3. Sunset Dhow cruise.
4. Mnemba Island visit.
5. Prison Island tour.
6. Nungwi village tour.
7. Jozani forest reserve tour.
8. Chwaka village and fish market visit and tour.
9. Tumbatu Island tour.
10. Mtoni palace ruin tour.
11. Mangapwani slave Chambers tour.

Additionally, tourists can also enjoy snorkelling, diving, swimming, and boat riding in the blue ocean water. Also, lounging and enjoying the sun, sunset dinners and shopping for souvenirs. Finally, trying out local cuisines and spices and interacting with locals. See the fun activities at Ngungwe National Forest Kenya.


Consequently, visiting Zanzibar is all year round activity; however, it is best to visit Zanzibar from June to October.


In addition, Tanzania, where Zanzibar is, offers visas on arrival to citizens from certain countries, including the US and UK, for as low as $50. It is therefore vital to check your country’s status before planning a trip.
However, to get to Zanzibar, visitors will have to fly to Abeid Amani Kanime International Airport (ZNZ) in Zanzibar. Athough, the cost for the flight will depend on the visitor’s location and the airline used.

However, you can find your way to Zanzibar city from the airport using any transportation options like a taxi, car rental, shuttle, or the local dala-dala. Thus the dala-dala is the cheapest option. Moreover, these transport options will take you to your hotel, and also to the sights.

Hotel accommodations are available and range from about $253 per night to $1,508 per night.
Also, there are tour charges, and the price can range from $31 to $120, depending on the activity.
In a word, the good news for travellers is that tourism companies in Tanzania give an all-inclusive package. Hence, using their services will reduce planning for the whole trip. Furthermore, some of these companies also offer free cancellation.


There, visitors have to present a yellow fever vaccination certificate. Hence, be sure to have yours before entering the country.

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