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Must See In Abu Dhabi 10 Most Interesting Places.

Must See In Abu Dhabi the capital of the United Aran Emirates. Abu-Dhabi is off Central West Coast, on an island in the Persian Gulf. Abu Dhabi’s urban area is estimated to have a population of 1.48 million. Indeed, this city has a lot of tourist attractions. Here is just a few.

Must See In Abu Dhabi: The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

must See In Abu Dhabi

The mammoth Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is one significant landmark in Abu Dhabi. It is a top-rated site for tourists. Grand Mosque looks excellent with its marble tiles, and its design is a blend of Mameluke, Ottoman, and Fatimid design elements. Using glasswork, mosaic tiling, and intricate carvings, the artisan’s created quite a sight on both the interior and exterior. Furthermore, the blend of designs creates a breathtaking and modern mosque. The mosque was commissioned in 2017 and took almost 20 years to complete. Also, the mosque’s sitting capacity is 40,000 worshippers! Indeed it is the biggest mosque in the United Arab Emirates. See the mind-blowing Mosques in UAE

Louvre Abu Dhabi

must See In Abu Dhabi

Louvre Abu Dhabi, the most fantastic museum in the Middle East, documents the history of humanity’s artistic achievements, from the Neolithic to the present day. From ancient Egyptian sculpture to famous paintings by Picasso, collections which run over 12 galleries! Louvre holds a vast array of history, wealth, culture and human transition. In addition, the museum’s architecture is top-notch, another reason to visit Louvre.

Kayak Abu Dhabi’s Eastern Mangroves

must See In Abu Dhabi

The kayaking tours available for all levels of experience and age is another reason to visit Abu Dhabi. Kayaking tours ranging from one and half hours to three hours of paddling. The tour gives you an experience of the Mangroves and allows you to explore the city’s forests. The night tours are unique. Moreover, it provides an intriguing adventure of the Mangroves.

Saadiyat Island’s Sandy Shore

must See In Abu Dhabi

Saadiyat Beach is a sun-lover destination. It also has a tall strip of white sand on the shore. With its top-notch facilities: sun loungers and shades, on-duty lifeguards, a café for refreshments, you can never be wrong. It is perfect for windsurfing! Further North, there’s a Saadiyat Beach Club with a pool, restaurants, and various lounge areas. So nice!

Ferrari World

must See In Abu Dhabi

At Ferrari world, racing is just like breathing. For leisure, the younger ones can drive the Junior GT track to check out new skills while you watch speed fanatics ride the Flying Aces roller coaster. It clocks up speeds of 120 kilometres per hour on a 52-meter loop (the tallest in the world). Ferrari’s world has a collection of Ferrari’s cars, with so many models. Models dating back to 1947. Indeed, the Ferrari factory tour and Ferrari knowledge game show is the real deal.

Boat Tours

must See In Abu Dhabi

Viewing the city as you sail out from the marina completes your trip. Some operators provide such services on all types of budgets. Island hopping tours are more popular among tourists because of the relaxing sightseeing it gives. In addition, an evening dinner tour provides you with an opportunity to see the city lights in action as dusk sets. Learn about pearl diving heritage when you join a pearl tour.

Yas Island

must See In Abu Dhabi

Yas Beach is on Yas Island is a site for total relaxation. Day passes avails tourists the opportunity for an easygoing beach day and a fun-filled beach experience. Cafés, restaurants, and food kiosks on-site offer a wide range of cuisines. There are swimming pool areas with cabanas for rent, plenty of sun loungers and shades and lounging areas off the sand. Notably, there are lifeguards on duty throughout the day. Don’t miss out on this opportunity of free education in Europe.

Warner Bros World

must See In Abu Dhabi

Warner Bros World, a theme park on Yas Island, is a world of cartoon, movie, and comic book heroes and villains. Thus, an excellent place for kids! The entire theme park is air-conditioned! It is also an exciting place for families to visit. In addition, there are rides, Bedrock and Cartoon Junction for little ones, Gotham City and Metropolis for older kids.

Must See In Abu Dhabi: Yas Marina Circuit

must See In Abu Dhabi

Yas Marina Circuit on Yas Island hosts the Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix, which comes up in November. It is the city’s annual event. Also, there are safe tours of the circuit for tourists and fans who want to see the pits, grandstand, podium and track and get a behind-the-scenes look at the circuit. In addition, the place is open every Tuesday and Saturday night for those interested in using the trail for exercise, and it is free.

Must See In Abu Dhabi: Desert Dunes

must See In Abu Dhabi

A day or night trip on a desert safari from Abu Dhabi will reveal to you the outstanding Liwa Oasis at the edge of the Empty Quarter and the beautiful Al Khatim Desert near Al Ain. The giant dunes in the world, found at Empty Quarter desert, is also a lovely playground for dune buggies, sandboarding, camel trekking and desert camp. There are camel farms to visit also. Short Visit to Abu Dhabi

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