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When you think of Jamaica, you think of dancehall music and vice versa. Dancehall, which dates back to the late 1970s, is arguably the most popular musical genre in Jamaica and also has influenced other musical genres worldwide. Thus the scenes and parties of this popular music genre have brought energetic dance moves, reproduced in music videos, choreography, etc., all over the world as well.

Some of these moves include:
1. Bogle;
2. Boosie bounce;
3. Drive by;
4. Skip to my Lou;
5. BadmanForward BadmanPull up; and
6. Daggering etc.

Although in no particular order, these are three great dancehall bars you can check out in Jamaica.


Dancehall Bars Jamaica

The warm and homey atmosphere you feel when you walk in here is truly contagious. So if there’s an excellent example of Jamaica’s one love lifestyle, indeed Collette’s bar is it. The owner is a sweet lady named Colette with energy as bright as the sun. Currently, her bar offers affordable, solid and cold drinks. There is not a sad day here as everyone feels like family.

Of course, the locals aren’t afraid or shy to chat with you about anything; you might even want to dance with them and learn new dance steps. However one thing is sure there is no shortage of friendly people at Collette’s Bar, and you’ll always come back for more after your first experience. Also, see a list of the cheap countries in Asia for vacation.


Dancehall Bars Jamica

Indeed this Cafe is a dream come true for lovers of dancehall music and nightlife. Rick’s offers you a complete underwater experience. From the 35 feet high platform, you are sure to be entertained with views of local divers or even tourists doing diving stunts and backflips.

Hence jumping into the water to sober up from the alcohol might sound dangerous but will make your experience even better. They pride themselves on the sophisticated music of various international and local bands, providing a non-stop party every night. Rick’s Cafe, located in Negril, right on the cliffs of the West End, is indeed a place with picturesque views of tranquil sunsets and adventurous cliff diving into the crystal clear waters below. Also, see more about Rick’s Café.


Ever heard the expression “where’s the party at”? This Legend has the honour of being where the party is. A restaurant during the day and a place to party hard at night is the best place to be. Pier 1, located in Montego Bay, is truly a place to go on Friday nights. It’s shocking the number of people arriving in droves ready to dance the night away.

At piers 1, you can party the Jamaican way, show off your dance moves, also learn new moves from locals and enjoy the sunset. This club’s vibrant and energetic nightlife boasts celebrities and musicians who bless the night with their voices and appearances. They also host fashion shows and open mic parties. In addition to the delicious seafood restaurant known for serving the best seafood dishes, the tropical drinks offered are of course the bar’s speciality. Kindly open the link for exquisite resorts in Bali.


Dancehall Bars

The Floyd’s Pelican Bar, standing on silts, was built by a fisherman and can only be accessed by boat. The shack bar is about a hundred yards away from the Southwestern coast of Jamaica. It is the perfect place to enjoy fantastic seafood dishes, the best drinks, free yourself from your worries and let the gorgeous Caribbean Ocean wash away your problems. The Floyd’s Pelican Bar offers visitors more than they can imagine, including snorkelling in the surrounding shallow waters.


Dancehall Bars

This bar is situated on the stunning cliffs of Negril’s West End, giving it an unobstructed view of the Caribbean Sea. With a relaxing atmosphere created by a mix of Jamaican and local tunes playing to fill the space with rhythmic background music, LTU pub & villas are the perfect places to relax with family and friends away from the crowd. Visitors get to let loose in the good vibes, enjoy delicious food, sip chilled drinks as they watch the sunset into the sea.


Dancehall Bars

The Jungle indeed lives up to its name as the centre of Jamaican wild nights. Drinks and snacks are always available at the bar’s entrance on the second floor. With a feature of the latest and greatest Jamaican music and a dazzling rainforest-jungle themed decor,  thus the Jungle nightclub has defined itself as the most popular dancehall bar in Negril, Jamaica. Moreover, the sick, hardcore beats, vibrant crowds and stimulating atmosphere of the Jungle will leave you reluctant to go and keep you dancing as the night passes.

In addition, some of the Jungle’s facilities include; an Amazon Gaming Lounge, sports bar, two high bars, a circular dance floor, games arcade, souvenir shop, pool table, a full-service bar and a fast-food grill. Also, the bar opens three nights a week: Thursday (for ladies night), Friday and Saturday from 6 pm to 4 am.

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