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How To Travel Together Without Ruining Your Relationship.

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Going on a trip together as a couple can be as exciting as it can be challenging. Whether you have been together for a long time or you just started dating, to travel on a trip together can take a toll on your relationship, and you cannot guess how your first trip together or other subsequent trips will play out. Of course, it will be fun, but it will be unwise not to expect difficulties despite the fun and all. But not to worry, most of those difficulties is easily solved.

It is a commonplace to have a wonderful trip together, but, of course, there will be frictions here and there that need a little bit of oiling, so it’s smooth again. Below are some common challenges couples sometimes experience on their first trip together and how you can pull them through:

Travel Stress

Travelling is fun, but sometimes you feel tired out after a long trip. Also, it can be stressful handling the logistics behind it. Some people like me can get jumpy (on edge) when things are not going as planned, even if it is just a slight adjustment on the time or a piece of clothing I forgot to pack or just something I didn’t bring along. While I can say it is OK to be jumpy, it’s certainly not OK to let it ruin the beautiful trip you’re having together.

Understand that these things happen, and while there’s a delay at the airport or bus/train station, you forgot something essential. And whatever might come up along the way, you can decide to spend the rest of the trip appreciating the opportunity you have, see the bigger picture and draw strength from it. Then, when you are calm in the face of these challenges, your partner will catch on with the positive vibes, and you will have a better trip!

Difference In Activity Preference

This can pose a real problem if not handled properly. We all need to understand that we come from different backgrounds with different ideologies. What I like might not be at all friendly to you. While I might prefer to go for a swim, you might find it disgusting and would instead go for a cruise. We have our differences and opinions about things, but we shouldn’t let them come in the way of our fun. The fact is, you’re not going to like everything your partner wants, and they won’t like everything you like either. It isn’t very smart to think they will.

The key to solving this problem is planning. Before embarking on that trip, you both need to discuss your preferences. Make a list of possible things you like and dislike, then tick off the activities you both enjoy and have a fun-filled trip! A relationship is all about compromise. You win some and lose some. Sometimes you can decide to accompany your partner to that activity he loves while he agrees to accompany you on yours. That way, everyone is happy.


Now here is another challenge. Travelling together can reveal just how compatible you and your partner are. You find out how well you flow together. When you spend more time together, it can sometimes be so disappointing to find out you both don’t mesh.

To help with the disappointment of finding out after a trip, you should plan for a local journey first. Something not too elaborate and far away. It would not be nice to discover somewhere in the middle of the earth that you two are incompatible, so why don’t you try it out first with a local trip before getting into the more significant trip.

Too High Expectations Of Oneself

It’s OK to be selfless. Don’t get me wrong, and you might want to go out of your way and do everything. But it’s not the best. After some time, you will exhaust yourself and turn on the partner you’re trying to impress, with all the frustration that will eventually come with it.

So to avoid the horrible representation of yourself, make sure you share responsibilities. Split the work if need be. Engage your partner in the activities. It is much fun that way and less exhausting. And it shows just how much of a team you both are together. Never do everything by yourself.

Nothing To Talk About

This should not be a challenge if you just started dating. There are still so much to talk about and learn about each other. But for old couples or even new couples who run into this problem, you can get the “36 Questions” to fall in love. Have it on your phone can or buy the card deck from Amazon. This will help you hold a conversation, discussing fundamental topics beyond daily life.

Then, while planning your trip, consult the card and questions, let your partner know you think it’s best to get to know each other by asking these questions. This will make it more comfortable to read it out when there’s nothing to talk about. Another trick that can help in such times has a fun playlist you both love. So you can play it anytime the creepy silence comes.

Different Motives For The Trip

What is your reason for this trip? What is your partner’s reason for going? Are you both taking time away from stress, or do you want to celebrate something? It would be nice if you discussed this too before making your trip. You both have to be on the same page. For example, it would not look good if your reason for going is hiking and your partner is thinking of taking a boat cruise. You wouldn’t want that kind of misunderstanding. So you must discuss why you are hoping on the trip, what you hope to achieve while on it and how you hope to achieve it. So you can both be on the same page.

Budget Planning

An essential aspect of travelling is budgeting. When it comes to money matters, tempers can get high, and you can even taste the tension in the air, but you must discuss it. To make it easier, you should discuss this earlier, way before deciding where to go.

You should talk about the type of trip, whether it is a luxurious one or a low budget one, how much is involved, and who brings what. If it will be split evenly or if one person will foot the bill. Having all these in perspective long before the date of the trip will help diffuse the tension and leave no room for disappointment when the time comes to fund the trip. Make your awesome cheap hotel bookings that will help spend within your budget plan.

The Urge To Have Every Moment On Record

Isn’t it exciting to have the world know how much fun you are having with your one and only! Of course, you may want to document every single time you have together. But you might, in trying to show your excitement, ruin something beautiful you have going on.

Our phones are so close to us these days that we might lose sight of the next person. So why don’t you try to balance it? No one should tilt above the other. Especially for your first trip, you need to have some alone time with your partner, whether at dinner or on an activity. Just enjoy the moment away from the phone, text messages, calls and social media. Don’t let these things interrupt your trip.

Failing To Plan Ahead

Planning is very much crucial for a smooth trip, especially when going on a road trip. You may need to get the logistics out of the way. Anything can happen when you fail to plan. Like the car might break down in the middle of the road, or you might run out of gas and then the argument will start. The whole mood will change. So it is better to know the state of your car. If it is a new car, you might not have such an issue, but if it’s not, you might have to work on it.

Have your fluid levels been checked, your tires too? When other issues arise during your trip, please don’t keep it all bottled up inside so you don’t ruin the mood. No, intelligently discuss it. Communicate your concerns. Let your partner know what’s going on in your head. Don’t wait till the end of the trip to express yourself, and you never know how quickly these things build up. Also, make cheap flight bookings that will guarantee your planning ahead.

The Need To Have Some Time To Yourself

It is pretty natural to want to be alone sometimes. However, it’s not every time you want to spend every moment with your partner on vacation. Sometimes you might want to sit quietly and enjoy a particular view while your partner wants to explore.
You have to give them the freedom to do what they want while you enjoy your moment too. Nobody says you two should be gone for hours but just for some time. So check on your partner after 30 minutes and see if you are both in the mood to have fun.

The Not-So-Great Moments

Let us face the facts, and not everything will go so well. There will be embarrassing moments, times when stupid things happen, and you argue about something. One or two things might go off track. You might regret going on that trip.

But don’t let those little things ruin your trip with your partner. If not handled immediately, some of these challenges might carry on into the relationship after the trip. So don’t let it. Instead, focus on creating more memories, pleasant memories and laugh about the bad ones. Appreciate each time you have with your partner.

High Expectations For The Trip

Lower your expectations. Don’t expect to have all the fun in the world on this one trip. It doesn’t always turn out like that. So many things can go wrong, and when it happens, you might feel so disappointed. Travelling is stressful as it is fun. Nothing is ever perfect. Remember, it is more about improving your relationship, creating a stronger connection and bond with your partner than it is about the trip. At the end of your journey, the good thing is that you must have developed the problem-solving ability, the ability to overcome obstacles and move above any relationship ruts.

Go on trips together, and don’t be afraid of finding out those flaws in your partner. It’s what helps you learn to accept them and build a formidable relationship. Also note the importance of travel medical insurance when travelling together.

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