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Easy To Migrate European Countries.

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It is easy to migrate to Svalbard from the US. If you don’t have a visa, you can enter, work, or live on the archipelago. But of course, you have to prove that you can sufficiently support yourself financially and live in Svalbard on your own. Also know, it is best for you to have work and housing secure before you move there. Svalbard is between Norway and the North Pole, it is quite populated, and it has rugged terrain, the weather is freezing, and there are polar bears everywhere! Migrating is easy but living there isn’t all that easy. Finally, consider your options very well before making a decision.


Portugal is another destination that is super easy if you are migrating from the US. Being a US citizen and migrating to Portugal, you can use the Golden visa scheme. The Golden visa gives you the privilege to get Portuguese citizenship after five years of getting a visa, on the condition that you spend at least 35 days total in the country. Speaking of a Golden visa, there are many ways to acquire this; the most common is real estate. You have to purchase a property worth $500,000.

However, this purchase can not be made in Lisbon, Porto, or the coastal Algarve areas. Also, a retirement scheme is available in Portugal for people who want to spend the rest of their days on the beach, relaxing and enjoying the culture. But to get this, you must have a steady income from your pensions or savings.


For US citizens, this too is another famous country. This is mainly because of the climate and because they have a Golden visa scheme just like Portugal. But to get this Golden scheme, you need to either invest in government bonds, invest in a non-refundable government contribution or buy a property worth €320,000 or $375,637. This category of visa, the Golden visa gives you permanent residency, so you can live in Malta for as long as it pleases you. Thus, you can then apply for citizenship and get a Maltese passport after five years. Another advantage is that you can visit Schengen countries and the EU countries visa-free because they are very close.


Spain is another relatively easy country to migrate to, especially if you’re from the US. Because you come from an English-speaking country, you can easily get a temporary visa through the North American Language and Cultural Assistant Program. When you work around 12 to 16 hours a week, you get a monthly stipend. You can choose to stay in the country with this Visa or apply for a long term visa and get another job.

There’s another program, Spain’s Golden visa program, but it involves some money. With it, you can get a two-year residence permit. Then you can be renewing your permit every two years. After five years of continuously living in Spain, you then apply for permanent residency.


Montenegro is a beautiful place. The medieval villages, yachting, dramatic natural contrasts all come together to make it an adventure hotspot. This country is a small paradise for social media lovers; it is a great business place; the low taxes and business start-up costs, even the multicultural population. So many millionaires, about 64 of them are from Montenegro! It is the next French Riviera. The economy of Montenegro since independence in 2006, has become service-led. And more dependent on tourism and renewable energy sectors.

In Montenegro, you can apply for a one-year residence visa on the grounds of education, employment, medical treatment or family reunion. Residence visa through employment is easy if you are a non-resident by starting a company and appointing yourself as an employee.

There is also a new program where you can get citizenship through investment. Through this mean, you can get citizenship faster. Although, it requires that you invest at least €350,000. Living in Montenegro is quite affordable. You can live off €451 for a month in the 10th -century capital city of Podgorica. Interestingly, you get a one-bedroom apartment for €300 in the centre of town.


Czechia has since 2004 greatly moved into the high-tech, service-led knowledge sector. The country is no more into manufacturing alone. The labour market in Czechia now has the highest job vacancies in the European Union, more than Belgium and Germany.

According to the Ministry of Interior, foreigners are few; they make up just under 5% of the country’s population and about 11% of its workforce. Nevertheless, foreigners receive lovely treatments, and ex-pats earn more than nationals. As long as you have business ideas, you’re most welcome. These expatriates mostly are people who moved to the country with an employment contract. The world’s seventh safest country is Czechia (according to the Global Peace Index).

Your application to move to Czechia is either as self-employed, on a family visa, on an EU employment Blue Card, or as a holiday scheme. However, if you have a permanent residency for five years, you can apply for citizenship, and you will need to pass the Czech language test. The heart of Europe is Czechia. However, it’s more challenging to set up business here than in other EU countries, but the standard of living is relatively fair. A single bedroom accommodation in the city centre is at the price of about CZK29,314. The latest World Bank index ranked Czechia 35.


Belgium is in the west. Belgium is popularly known for its renaissance architecture. Its capital city is Brussels. The headquarters for NATO and the European Union is in Belgium also. The official language is German, Dutch and French. Belgium is easily accessible for Nigerians looking for a business-friendly environment to migrate to. Residence in Belgium is also by investment. So as an investor or entrepreneur, Belgium is a place for you. Living in Belgium as a Nigerian is very advantageous.

Lastly, you get to stay as many times as you want for up to one year, the environment is conducive for business, and it is not a problem if you have dual citizenship. And the best part, you can move to Belgium permanently with your family.


Austria is at the centre of European migration traffic, east and west, along the Danubian trade route. In the middle of north and south through the Alpine passes. Europe’s top place for tourism is Austria. As a student, Austria is one of the places you can migrate. Students applying to school in Austria can access free tuition.

Additionally, the cost of living in Austria is low. You can visit the Austrian visa application centre to get more information on the requirements for any visa type you want. There is an Austrian visa application centre is in Lagos and Abuja (if you are in Nigeria). Check these universities if you are in Nigeria: University of Vienna, University Leopold – Franzes and the University of Graz.

It requires; biometric passports, health insurance and travel insurance. The physical centre/embassy can receive your application. After providing all documents at the physical centre, check for the status of your application online using a unique VAC ref number and your date of birth. Here are some visa types available to you:

  • Austria Airport Visa
  • Austrian Tourist Visa
  • Austrian Visitor Visa
  • Austrian Business Visa
  • Austrian Visa for Official Visit
  • Austrian Medical Visa
  • Austrian Visa for Cultural, Sports and Film Crews.

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Few Tips on Migrating

As exciting and wonderful as it sounds to move to another country, it is not always as we think. Certain things need to be put sorted out for you to be able to make a big move. Here are things you need to know:

Health insurance

They are likely to demand this information when you apply for a visa and provide travel health insurance. But they are not the same; travel insurance is for travelling, it is not the same as the health insurance required to live in a new country. There are countries with public health schemes, and you can access this scheme if you are employed, and your visa type allows it. However, most countries don’t, and they require that you have private insurance.

Financial Means

Moving is not easy. It requires a lot of money. You need a source of income and some savings before planning to move to another country. Having to have a work plan before moving or a job waiting for you—especially when applying for a retirement visa. There must be enough money with you for you to be able to get a particular amount every month for you to live in your new country.

Language Barrier

It will be a shock to discover that English is not an official language in some countries. Some official offices, like the consulate, embassy, and governmental buildings, use English to operate, but English is not widely used among the locals. Mainly among the older adults. Depending on the country you go to, most EU countries use English as a second language while some don’t. You may run into trouble trying to communicate with the locals, so it will be better to learn some famous words and phrases to make moving easier.

Culture Shock

Moving to another country can open you up to cultures you are not familiar with. Certain things that seem normal to you might not be normal in the new government. It might be considered rude or inappropriate and vice-versa. Find out about the culture and lifestyle of the people in the country you are migrating to before you move. Make your discounted flight and hotel bookings here.

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