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Why Germany is Your Best Study Option.

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Germany is a country of higher learning. Germany has situated more high ranking universities than you can find in any other country. As there are universities, so are there countless courses and options to choose from. The recognition of the degrees is worldwide, and you are likely to get an employment just in any country.

Germany is a wonderful country with a deep history, and the best part is the low cost of living. The people are enthusiasts with an ever-changing lifestyle, from the modern to the classic, urban to the rural! Their vibrant and dynamic lifestyle will get you to fall head over heels in love with the place.

As expected, this beautiful country is among the top destinations for students from other countries. Currently, there are over 357,000 students (international students) looking to get a degree in Germany. According to official statistics, the numbers are on the rise. Students from all over the world come every year to universities in Germany for higher learning! And for these obvious reasons: make your discounted flight and hotel bookings here.

Tuition Fees

Unlike in most places, German universities charge no tuition fees! Exceptional, isn’t it? Nowhere in the world can you get an offer like this. Certainly not when prices have gone up, and the living standard in most countries is beyond redemption. So it is no wonder most students come to study in this beautiful country.

A policy established in October 2014 stated that all non-indigenous students studying in a public university in Germany would be free from paying standard tuition fees. Instead, these students are to pay only administrative fees such as student union fee, student contribution and a public transport ticket which amount to around €250 per semester.

High Ranking Universities

According to 2018 statistics, the public institutions of higher education currently functioning in Germany are 429, and there are 106 universities. All of which are above global standards. Some ranks among the world’s best universities. There is a high regard for these universities among international students because of the quality of education and experience, opportunities available to them while studying and after studying and the safe the friendly environment.

German universities are highly recognized and accepted because of their excellence in teaching and research, their long and rich tradition of higher learning. Aside from the traditional top-ranking universities, Germany has produced other universities ranking globally every year. Some high ranking universities in Germany are the oldest in Europe.

Explore Europe’s Treasures on a student visa

As a European studying in Germany, you will receive the same treatment as a German citizen and EU\EFTA citizen regarding free entry; you will be free to study and work without additional permits. But if you are not a European or from Germany, you will need to apply and get a German study visa to study in Germany. You might not need this if it is a summer school language program where you will need a student visa that allows you in the country for more than 90 days.

You also will need to have a residency permit to live and move around the country. This residency permit will also allow you into the whole Schengen area visa-free. With it, you can visit the countries within this area and have the time of your life within the time frame of your visa. You are to apply for a student visa immediately after receiving your letter of acceptance from the university of your choice, at least three months before your departure time.

After this, your documents are sent to the Immigration Office in the area where your chosen university is. Then, of course, it will go through chains of stages before it is issuance. For you to get a student’s visa, you must meet some requirements. For example, before your departure, you will have to inform the proper authorities if you are going on a permit.

So many Degree Courses

In addition to so many universities, Germany has a wide range of degree courses packaged to cover a wide range of interests. Germany is a very industrialized country and, as such, has put a lot of effort into Engineering universities. You can study many engineering courses, and they are highly relevant in the country. There are so many other programs offered in these universities, even leading courses like medicine and pharmacy.

The list of courses being offered in these universities is increasing by the day, new fields of study are developing. Therefore, whatever you wish to study, whether you want to study atoms or galaxies, you can get these course options in Germany, being taught by the most prestigious professionals in the area of study.

Global Recognition of Courses

The courses offered in these universities are up-to-date in their structure and how they are taught. These study programs are in such a way as to meet up with the most updated scientific developments in the world today. They prepare students to be able to face the world squarely with its challenges confidently. The curriculum is constantly being changed and upgraded to suit the world’s fast-developing technologies and find the most comprehensive methods in teaching and research.

So that at the end of the study program, you will obtain a degree certificate with global recognition and importance. People who will be needing your services will expect the highest commitment and hard work from you because they know the quality of education you have gone through in your years of study, which made them hire you. And they will respect you as well as entrust you with responsibilities.

Low Costs of Living

The cost of living, even if you are an international student, is relatively low if you are smart with your finances and can adjust one or two things. As with everywhere, prices in the urban areas are not as low as in other places. The primary thing that wears down into your pocket is rent. There are, however, several options of housing available in Germany with varying costs. Mainly because of the location of the accommodation, some of them can be so expensive.

To reduce cost and make it even cheaper for you, you should find someone to share the room or apartment. That way, the person will contribute to the rent and reduce costs for you. In addition, other things like food, transport, amenities and so on are very affordable.

Job Opportunities For International Students

According to German law, international students can work part-time for up to 20 hours a week or 120 full days in a year. An estimate of 60% of international students work part-time while undergoing a study program in Germany. So whether you have an already exciting certificate or not, you can find a job because there are many jobs available that you will find something to do almost immediately.

You can get a tutoring job, bartender, administrative staff, babysitter and so on. But, of course, you must find a part-time job while studying in Germany even if you don’t need the extra money for anything; remember that you may not have the opportunity to have a placement year as a part of a programme. But the working experience you get from these jobs will increase your employability and teach you how to live a disciplined and independent life.

Your Prospects

The fact that you have a German university certificate is an enormous privilege. You will be highly respected and valued all over the world. German graduates have high employability in the global market. Once you have bagged that degree, many companies and firms with attractive offers will reach out to you. They trust you can deliver because you’ve just had the best education in Germany. And they believe that you can help grow their business.

Because people need their competence and expertise, graduates from German universities are among the highest-paid workers. Whether your field of study and the country you intend to work in after graduating, a German degree will help you get a better paid and perfect job.

Learn a New Language

Another benefit of studying in Germany is that you get to learn a new language. Learning to speak German is a bonus to your employability and a source of joy. Several reasons for learning German will be beneficial to you. Germany has a strong economy, and the German language is the most spoken native language in Europe.
Companies in Germany have the most extensive network of branches all over the globe. So if you learn German, you add another qualification and have them come to you and offer you a job. Also, German is extensively used to communicate globally, and you increase your chances of travelling and going to the places you desire to go.

Diverse Community

There are so many nationalities in Germany. Recently, German nationals have learned to live in peace and harmony with many foreigners. These foreigners came to Germany, so they could work and live with their families. Also, you get to meet other people like you, who believe Germany can allow them to study. These people are from different places with different cultures and ideas, and concepts unique to them. You can make friends with these people from all over the globe and learn their customs and traditions.

Historical Heritage

Germany, as I mentioned earlier, has a long, rich history. People do not usually talk about Germany as before, mostly because people know less about this lovely place. Germany has contributed immensely to the essential stages of the world’s history. How nice will it be to use this opportunity and enlighten yourself on the history of this great country?

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