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Hong Kong is indeed a place with a breathtaking and picturesque skyline. Hong Kong’s history and culture run so deep. Thus, it’s surprising they became the first city chosen for luxury and glamour on the world’s shopping scene. The general energy of Hong Kong is indeed exciting. In every corner of this city, you can always see something new. From ancient temples to strange pets, beautiful islands, quiet beaches, local fishing villages, jungle-covered mountains, taverns, and hiking trails.

There are truly many places to explore and also sights to see in Hong Kong. Therefore, when you visit Hong Kong fascinating city, you may wish to take a look at these historically-themed beauties:


Hong Kong

The legendary Star Ferry dates back to the 1880s. Also, it has been one of the cheapest means of transportation for many years. Thus,  Hong Kong’s remarkable ability to continue to maintain this aspect of its history deserves applause.

The Star Ferry is usually in Victoria Harbour-a beehive for ships, boats, canoes, ferries, etc. However, when you take the Star Ferry, it is almost impossible not to be surprised. Even to Hong Kong island of the thick density of the Towers in the Hong Kong island. The jungle and lush mountains providing you with beautiful views. Also, the cool breeze blowing on your face, providing a refreshing antidote to the limitations of urban space.

Don’t worry about getting a schedule for using the Star ferry as they travel all day, even at night. Apart from seeing different boats, there are no entertainment facilities here. Whether you sit in front, behind or leaning against railings, you can see the Symphony of lights Shows.
The 360-degree laser beam viewing at both ends of the harbour is a historical attraction in Hong Kong. It is at the top of Hong Kong loft activities. Find out the Exquisite Resorts in Bali Indonesia for your next vacation.


Hong Kong

Hong Kong is at the top of the list of countries with the most recognizable and beautiful sky views worldwide. The skyline coming from the collision of numerous skyscrapers. Also, the mixture of the harbour and the surrounding lush green mountains has always beaten everyone’s idea of a perfect skyline.

The view of the Chinese Junk boats is traditionally red-sailed in the harbour with the Legendary Star ferry. Also, the contrast of advanced highrises of the modern city itself is worth drooling over. In addition, the night view as lights floods the city against the dark sky is equally breathtaking. Taking a standpoint from Kowloon waterfront or Victoria Peak’s Top, just in front of the harbour’s dock with benches in place at the wharf for a full view of Hong Kong. It is truly an incredible experience worth your time and effort.


Hong Kong

The tram going to the top of the mountain, known by locals as the Victoria Peak, provides you with a unique view of Hong Kong’s bustling city. Hence, particular attention is drawn especially its port, skyscrapers and surrounding beautiful islands.

Just in Hong Kong Park, next to the famous Murray Building, you will find a tram stop to serve you at any time. It has a perfect view of the Peak Galleria. It is an observation deck, shopping centre, food stalls, restaurants and the Peak tower on top of the tram.
Moreover, most areas of Victoria Peak have lush green plants, and below are the unique landscapes of the bustling Hong Kong metropolis and nature trails. Try to visit in the evening as this is the time to take in the most relaxing and spectacular views and skyline. See why Hong Kong is among the Best Places to Visit in Asia.


Hong Kong

The Big Buddha symbolizes the preservation of Hong Kong’s culture. The building of the statue was in 1993, stands proudly at the height of 34 meters, and took about 12 years to complete.
Its incredible height makes it tower above the Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island. Its vast size has given it a place among the giant Buddha statues in the world. Also, the dense jungle and surrounding forests, islands and oceans making it look like a culturally rich oracle. See the interesting cheap Asian countries for vacation.

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