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You have probably got so many reasons for why you would be wanting to work abroad; starting from a desire for adventure or a relative change of scene, or a better climate and many more reasons. One reason that no one will ever see to be on your list is wanting to be poorer in any of the best countries to work. For a lot of persons, visualized potential financial advantages is a motivation to move abroad. Who does not want to make more money working abroad than they can back home?!

An expatriate could benefit from packages that a company provides to its ex-pat workers such as; housing, relocation costs, education, medical insurance, etc. and their salary. Although there are few taxes that these expatriates need to pay in their chosen country. Hence, you are often given fewer taxes than the local population. This provides you with an incredible long term period for your wealth-building advantage.

There are plenty of countries that are very aware that experts usually arrive for financial reasons. These countries are happy that these experts are quite ready to exchange their valuable skills for financial rewards. In addition, these countries make sure to b the best countries to work in. They tempt foreigners with special in-demand skills to choose their government. It is no secret in the universe that many persons, whether experts or not, earn a lot more money than the majority of their peers in their home countries. If you invest five years of wealth motivated, hard work as a worker in any of these countries can change your life!


The UK is also one of the top popular career destinations in the entire world. United Kingdom is one of the most potent world centres in digital and science innovations, finance, IT, and Artificial Intelligence. This has become why it is a global magnet for international labour. For many who know these ambitions and spheres to use their knowledge to the best of their advantage.

The unemployment in the United Kingdom is incredibly relatively low. On the other hand, reports on skill shortages are pretty drastic. So industries need highly skilled professionals who are seeking them from all over the world to be offering good financial incentives to come and work in the United Kingdom.

Thus, on average, payment for professionals in in the United Kingdom is over $390,000 per year, benefits included.
This is especially if their company relocates you. As for those who find work independently, they still have a great deal! For example, professionals in service rendering earn an average of $45,691, which is £33,957, while a management staff could earn an average of $230,721, which is £171,469.


Japan always seems to come as a surprise for most international job seekers. Also, Japan is among the best countries to work in still stands as a shocker. The reason is that Japan is not usually in the top favourite places for job seekers to relocate to for work because of the perception of it being an insulate country and language issues. However, things are changing since the number of foreigners coming to work in Japan has been steadily rising.

Japan is desperate to lure in as many foreign professionals as possible to make up for its ageing population. The country wants more skilled immigration such as researchers, managers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and professionals. Working in a Japanese firm or company is an adventure by itself. The country’s rich and high quality of life, cutting edge infrastructure, new immigration rules, stunning nature of Japanese islands, and a brilliant benefits package etc., all comes together to make it comparatively easy for skilled people to go to the country.

Although the country has changed its approach towards foreigners, the perceptions about Japan will still take much longer to change. So despite Japan lagging behind other Asian countries in terms of appeal to foreigners, the ambitious independent job seekers with a great set of professional skills find it a great chance to start an international career for wealth building.

Note that financial gains are significant. The average cost of an expatriate pay package for middle managers in Japan could be about $375,289 per year. But if you are to hunt for a job, you should have in mind to expect an average income of $48,177. And if you are coming as a service professional, you should have in mind that the pay package may grow to an average of $238,248 at the management level.


Hong Kong always seems to be leading in ranking expatriate’s packages and independent seeker’s earnings.
A typical package of an average job in Hong Kong could give about $271,400 annually. But take note that if you do not have any company involved in your relocation, then the earnings numbers will differ. While working as a service professional, you should expect an average gross annual income of $45,050. Although management staff earn an average of $265,336 annually.

Hong Kong, in particular, offers excellent opportunities for financial professionals. A significantly noted largest employment sector for job seekers in Hong Kong is finance. What is more exciting is that most foreign workers here benefit from the lower tax regime and enjoy a relatively higher disposable income as a result. If you have to be diligent and prepared to work hard, then working in Hong Kong is the definite place to go. As surveys of Hong Kong workers mention that they work longer hours; however, the financial reward, in the end, is worth it. Hong Kong is also the best place to advance your entire professional career.


If you are moving down for work through your company in Australia, you can potentially earn as much as $264,963 a year. It is the second-largest expatriate package offered in the Asia Pacific. However, total benefit costs in Australia are not among the highest, and the taxes can be pretty demanding from your package. Just keep in mind that you will work and not pleasure if you decide on working here.

Australia brings the whole salary, climate and lifestyle experiences together. Australia is in constant search and always looking for skilled people of certain professions. The immigration procedures are usually relatively straightforward. It might take quite some time and a lot of determination and financial discipline.

However, the reward for all of these will be worth it. Every service professionals in Australia could earn an average gross annual income of about $51,497. The staff in management jobs could earn an average of $165,581. When you add Australia’s high living standards and an incredible lifestyle, then be sure that you would get one of the best countries to live in and work.


Canada has always been on the top of countries to work in as a skilled person. In present times, Canada still proves to be an exceptional place for professionals seeking both career advancement and lifestyle. If you are a highly skilled professional, consider moving to Canada in search of employment, be sure you can count on 90,000 Canadian dollars to 150,000 Canadian dollars every year.

Thus, on the average salary for a project manager is 72,470 Canadian dollars, and a software developer in Canada can count on 63,905 Canadian dollars on average annually. Most senior managers of goods, utilities, production, transportation and construction earn about $75,159 to $141,569. Generally, senior managers in Finance and Communications could earn an annual payment of about $77,805 to $129,62. Engineering managers also get an annual average of $68,100 to $172,000

Toronto in Canada is one fantastic destination for work overseas for any interested staff. Depending on your work experience and field of expertise, your skills and dispatch of duties can earn much more than the average pay package. And although Canada is not such a significant destination for any work assignment, it is put on the list because of the country’s desperate for skilled immigrants. Thus if you are immigrating to Canada, it can become more manageable if you are a skilled professional. Finally, wherever you decide to work here is a booking site for amazing offers on flight and hotel bookings.

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