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30 Affordable Christmas Travel Destinations to Visit.

30 Affordable Christmas Travel Destinations to Visit., GrandRoyal Travel


Vietnam tops on the affordable Christmas travel destinations with exciting offers . You can get healthy and cheap street food. Imagine buying soup with rice noodles, cilantro, broth, and pork for just $1.50. Imagine also purchasing a cup of strong, aromatic coffee for $1. As for transportation, you can get a motorbike (this can take you anywhere) or order GrabBike if you don’t feel comfortable on a bike. GrabBike is a new service similar to Uber but uses a bike instead. The service is available in the cities, and they are cheap too, as low as $0.50 for a 2km ride! The buses and trains available are cheap also and reliable. Accommodations are easy to get in Vietnam.


The accommodation cost may be a bit high in Laos, but most of the activities you can do in Laos as a tourist are cheap. For example, you pay $2.50 to see one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, $7 if you want to tube to the Vang Vieng river for a whole day, and you pay $6 for a tiger balm massage. Also, you can get to other places quickly by renting a motorbike at a very low rate.

What’s more, there are hostels built for tourists as they seem to increase in number, you can even go cheaper cause they are affordable and more inexpensive than hotels. Even if you preferhotels and have the cash to spare, you can get a beautiful room for around $35 that would cost you $100 in the US.

Also, meals on average, might cost you between $3 & $9 per day. But in some hostels, breakfast is provided. Accommodation in a hostel will cost you around $5-$10 per night. The transportation (renting a motorbike) should cost you about $6 – $15, although prices may defer depending on the bike condition and how much of a bargainer you are. But if you instead use the bus, intercity tickets will cost up to $25. SIM cards with data: $6 for 1.5GB with 30-day validity.


Transportation is a significant expense in Indonesia. Intercity bus tickets are expensive, and the journey can take all your energy and time—the same with moving from one island to another with a private boat. Although, if you are on a budget, stick with a region or two! However, in Indonesia, there are loads of things to see and do. Take your time at a place, enabling you to travel deeper and get more experience about a place. If you must move around too far distances on a budget, I suggest you stick to local transportation.

Food and drinks are cheap and affordable anywhere in the country and delicious too. Hiking and riding a scooter through the mountains is quite affordable. So is chasing waterfalls and slouching in a hammock by the beach all day long. There are Hostel accommodations, and they are social and affordable. Meals are between $5 & $15 per day. Some hostels serve breakfast. Hostel accommodation costs between $5 & $10 per night. The cos of transportation is around $8-$15 a day if you opt for a motorbike. SIM card with data costs around $5 for 2GB with 30-day validity.

Northern Thailand

When on a budget, Northern Thailand is easy. But it changes and keeps going up as one moves south, accommodation becomes so expensive. For a less expensive Thailand trip, stick to the north. Places like Chiang Mai and Pai have less expensive dorms, as low as $5 and even less.

For your feeding, go for street food. The meals are not only less costly but delicious too. And for your tour activities, it is a way to go! Most activities, such as hiking, visiting the White Temple, or gathering three other persons from your hostel to hire a car and go on some day trips, are all so cheap! You might be spending about $5 – $15 per day on meals. Breakfast might be provided in the hostel.

Also, on your accommodation, you might be spending around $5-$10 per night in a hostel. Your transportation cost should be approximately $6-$10 for a motorbike for the day or a rental car for four persons, although prices may vary. Indeed, you need a SIM card and data services, and this may cost $7 for 1.5GB with 30-day validity.


Roughly you can be spending $1000 a month in Cambodia. The hostels are very cheap, food and alcohol too. You should know how to bargain well, too, so that you are not charged unfairly. There are pretty expensive trips, such as the 3-day pass to Angkor Wat, which might cost around $62, and other diving trips that might take the bulk of your budget. However, there are also low-cost activities like riding a bicycle in a small village, eating deliciously cheap meat skewers with just a dollar or two.

When searching for accommodation, consider the gorgeous new boutique hotels. They may not be as cheap as staying in hostels, though, but it’s at a fair price and worth it! For your meals, you are likely to spend around $5 – $10 per day. Securing accommodation, you will be spending approximately $3-$10 per night in a hostel. Then on your transportation, you are likely to spend about $6-$15 to get an intercity bus ticket or motorbike for the day. Then, of course, SIM card and data services at $2 for 1.5GB with 30-day validity.

The Philippines

In the Philippines’s archipelago, it might seem quite expensive. Taking both your money and time. But there are ways to enjoy your time in the Philippines at a low cost. The first thing you need to do is book your flights and plan your journey way before the time, then stay within one or two regions. The Philippines is a gorgeous place to be! This place has some of the most beautiful islands, excellent dive sites, and one or two hidden gems.

You will pay much more to access all these in other parts of the world. Your meals should cost you around $5 – $15 per day. Although, accommodation should cost about $7-$13 per night in a hostel. Also, transportation should be between $10 & $15 for a motorbike for the day or between $15 & $20 for a boat ride. Remember to use your bargaining power. For a SIM card with data, $6 for 2GB with 30-day validity.


Explore the Cameron Highlands, the jungles of Borneo, and the gorgeous islands at a very affordable cost. Take an all bus from Kuala Lumpur to the Perhentian Islands at $8, and there you will find many attractive local neighbourhoods and markets that are free to explore (no entrance fee! ). Visit the Malaysian cuisine and get an experience you will not forget in a hurry!

There are foods from different cultures and at deliciously low prices. The cheapest place to get a PADI scuba diving certificate is in Malaysia. The one thing quite expensive in Malaysia is alcohol. This is because it is highly taxed. It won’t be an issue if you don’t drink every night. You might spend $5 – $10 per day on meals.

On accommodation, you should be spending around $5 – $15 per night in a hostel. Then on transport, $3 – $5 on train and bus rides for one whole day or $8 – $15 on an overnight intercity bus ride. And, of course, your SIM card with data should cost around $8 for 2GB with 30-day validity.


India is a cheap place, but you have to be able to bargain. There are cheap rooms that are within the range of $3, and they are fundamental. Also, have in mind that it’s normal to shower with buckets of heated water. As you are on a budget, it will be wise to consider the south when looking for accommodation. The north can be enticing, but the south, with its gorgeous beaches, is cheaper. Another thing you need to do is to book things yourself. That is, cutting off the agents and avoiding online booking sites.

When you get to stuff yourself, you will get it quickly at half the quoted price online. So be wise! Your meals should cost you $3 – $6 per day. For accommodation, it should be around $4 – $8 per night in a local guesthouse. Then your transportation is about $1 – $3 for bus and train rides for a full day and an intercity train ride for $8 – $30. Your SIM card with data should go for $3 for 1.5GB with 30-day validity.


Nepal is a very cheap place to be. The food, accommodation, and transport are just at a low rate, a few dollars, as long as you use local options. There are delicious cheap foods ( not necessarily street food) you can get, home-cooked, in local-run small cafes.

Booking accommodation online might cost you much; big corporations have even turned local homestays into boutique hotels and resorts. The local homestay might just as well be one of them. It’s advisable to book the first few days online (so you will have a place to stay when you arrive), then look for authentic, local guesthouses after you’ve reached.

Suppose you trek most of the distance and avoid seeing Mount Everest (which will cost tens of thousands of dollars to visit). In that case, you can visit Nepal for as low as $10 per day at the lower elevations and around $20 at higher elevations on popular routes like the Annapurna Circuit. You can spend $5 – $10 per day on meals; $5-$10 per night in a local guesthouse; $10-$15 per person for a private car shared between 4 persons or a local bus ride between cities; then $3 for 1.25GB ( SIM card with data ) with 30-day validity.


The food is super cheap and delicious too! Surprisingly, you can get a plate of rice with pork or chicken, one sizeable deep fry chicken chop, or a bowl of delightful vermicelli with oysters (street food) for just $2 and even less! If you are a foodie like I don’t have much to spare, you are at the right place!

You can get bikes in places like Taipei and Tainan, for as low as $0.50 and even less per hour per ride, and they are free for the first 30 minutes (although they’re the city bikes and you register for them). This is good news, as you can get around the city all day long without spending money on transportation! Spend $5 – $10 per day on meals; $10 – $20 per night in a hostel; $0 – $3 on a bike, bus, and train rides for one whole day; and then get a SIM card with data at $33 with 28-day validity.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka can be quite expensive when considering the admission ticket into the UNESCO World Heritage sites, $40-$50 per ticket! Howbeit, with about $30 per day, one can visit Sri Lanka. You just have to stay off expensive activities. Aside from these activities, everything (Food, transport, accommodation, and Internet) is relatively cheap.

For transportation, sometimes it is cheaper to take a taxi or uber than to rent a bike. When you get other tourists to share the cost with you, you can spend as low as $5 per person to hire a driver. However, taking the train is the cheapest and delightful way to get through Sri Lanka. You can be spending $5 – $10 per day on meals; $8-$15 per night in a hostel; $10-$15 per person on a private car and driver when shared among four people, or a second-class cabin train ride for $3-$5 for; and $2 ( SIM card with data) for 1.5GB with 30-day validity.

Certain Provinces of China

China is a vast country with big cities that are so expensive! But there is a cheaper and more authentic experience in certain provinces like Sichuan, Dali and Guangxi. In these parts, the accommodation rates are more affordable, street foods are delicious and affordable, and exciting experiences such as riding a bicycle around or chatting with the locals over BBQ.

There are major cities like Beijing and Shanghai you can visit on a budget. Also, the hostels are cheap accommodations; you will not have to spend so much money on your trip once you stick strictly to street food. What might take the bulk of your cash is intercity travelling. Transportation costs are more than $20 for 8-hour buses (the fare increases with the hour).

You should choose a province and spend some time in it before moving on to the next. At this rate, you should be spending $4 – $8 per day on meals; $5 – $10 per night in a hostel/ guesthouse; $1 – $3 for a full day of train and bus rides in the city, or $10 – $30 for an intercity bus or train ride (which you would not want). Then for a SIM card with data, you should be spending around $15 for 2GB with 30-day validity.


In Kyrgyzstan, no matter your budget, you can fit in well. Indeed, the food is good, cheap and exciting. Also, you can move around with minibuses. The transportation prices (public) are fixed and affordable too. Accommodation is not a challenge, and they are everywhere. Additionally, you will find hostels (in major destinations) and local homestays (in rural places) as cheap as $10.

So for meals, you should be spending about $4 – $8 per day; for accommodation, about $8 – $12 per night (hostel or local guesthouse); on transportation, you should be spending $0.20 (local minibus ride) or $4 (intercity bus ride). And finally, for your SIM card with data, you should pay about $3 for 3GB with 30-day validity.


The country is trendy for Dracula. There are many towns and free tourist activities. Romania is a beautiful place; however, you want to see this beautiful, whether you’re taking a long stroll through the villages or just sitting in a park and watching people, Romania is just a nice place. There tours if you want to visit the numerous historical sites. Notably, the hostels are affordable, around $10-$15 per night. The food is incredible. It is advisable to eat breakfast at the hostel and cook your meal for dinner( if the hostel has a kitchen). Buy fresh produce from the local market.

The cost of transportation in Romania is affordable. In all, you will be spending $10 – $15 per day on meals; $10 – $15 per night in a hostel/guesthouse; $5 – $10 per day on bus and train rides; then for SIM card with data, $6 for 3GB with 28-day validity.


Georgia is lovely and affordable and affordable too. The wonderful thing about this place is that you can visit Georgia without a visa and stay there for one year! Now how is that? There are good hostels at cheap rates in Georgia, meals at local restaurants go for as low as $3, and to crown it all, you will get a ride in the local minibus for less than $1! And you can visit museums and historical sites for less than $2.

What’s more? The people are hot and friendly. You can hitchhike for short and long-distance travel. There are many day trips, monasteries and hikes, and you can spend months without getting bored or tired. In Georgia, you can pay $10 – $15 per day on meals; $5 – $15 per night in a hostel; $3 – $5 per day on the bus and train rides and $5-$10 for an intercity ride, or nothing at all if you hitchhike! $3 for 1GB with 1-month validity.


Going to Greece on a budget requires the right timing. Though the prices of flights, accommodation and tours have declined since 2010, some months still cost more than others. If on a budget, visit Greece in the months after summer, the crowds will be smaller and the budget lower, and you can comfortably enjoy Greece. To save more money, buy fresh produce from the market and make your meals because made food can be expensive in certain parts of Greece. Organize a little picnic for yourself by the gorgeous beach and enjoy your meal.

There are free walking tours available. To save cost, go for it and if you want to do island hopping, stick to a group of islands to minimize transfers. When going on a long-distance, sometimes a domestic flight can be cheaper than a bus ride. In all, you might be able to spend $10 – $15 per day on meals; $10 – $15 per night in a hostel; $10 – $15 per person for a rental car when shared between 4 people or $10-$20 for ferry tickets from one island to another; $12 for 2GB with 30-day validity.

The Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has been quite a tourist place, and prices have inflated over the last few years. Still, it is one of the cheapest central European countries to visit. Even cheaper if you go Cesky Krumlov and Telc. Local transportation in the Czech Republic is superb and affordable; consider getting a 3-day pass for $16, comes in handy if you’re going to be doing a lot of moving around.

Eat out at a local restaurant in the town for lunch, and have a light snack for dinner (saves you some money). The cost of visiting historical sites and museums are high, about $18 to enter Prague Castle, but you get around this somehow and not spend all that money. You can hike up and admire the architecture from outside. You can then pick the most intriguing ones to go.


Because of its devalued currency, Ukraine is one of the cheapest but beautiful places to be. It’s quite a challenge going to Ukraine, basically because of the language barrier and lack of reliable transportation. Howbeit, it is quite an adventure! Plus, it’s super affordable! Sightseeing, food and transportation, and other activities are all cheap for a European destination. You might spend about $6 – $8 per day on meals; about $6 – $10 per night in a hostel; about $1 – $3 per day on train rides, and about $6-$15 on intercity train rides; then about $3 for 3GB with 1-month validity.


Poland is a country rich in art, history and culture. Poland has about 14 heritage sites! It is only a pity most tourists do not acknowledge Poland. On average, it will cost you $5 to enter museums and historical sites, which is quite fair. The food is lovely and has varieties. For transportation, trains are very cheap. Make sure to go beyond Krakow and Warsaw and treat your eyes to beautiful towns like Gdansk, Wroclaw, and Zakopane, which are all more inexpensive visits. Next, you can spend about $10 – $15 per day on meals; $8 – $12 per night in a hostel; $1 – $3 per day on train rides and about $10-$15 on intercity train rides; $3 for 2GB valid for 1-month.


Turquoise waters, sunshine, and parties are all characteristics of Croatia. Thousands of islands surround the mainland. The weather is excellent, and the beach is inviting. There are yacht parties year-round. Accommodation, transportation and food are all affordable. The architectural designs are top-notch! Worthy of visiting. There are also incredible places to visit like the Museum of Broken Relationships and small towns too. Croatia, however, can get busy.

Thus, to be on the safeguard ( or should I say, save side), avoid active months (July & August). Travelling after these months will help you save some bucks. On average, you can be spending: $10 – $15 per day on meals; $12 – $16 per night in a hostel; $12 – $15 per person on a rental car shared among four people or $10-$15 on a ferry ride and $8 for 2GB valid for 30 days.


Turkey is what you make it, cheap or expensive. It all depends on the activities you want to engage in and how many places you want to visit while at it. What I mean is, if you decide to see the city using a hot air balloon, you will be spending quite a fortune ($200-$300). Visiting so many towns and villages can be costly. There are, however, other things worth doing that cost way less. Places like the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, the white travertines in Pamukkale, and the so busy bazaars all over the country are affordable.

Ensure you take overnight buses, and long buses can be pretty expensive. You should stay within a city or two if you don’t have much time and money. The food is super excellent and cheap. So you can spend on average: $10 – $15 per day on meals; $5 – $15 per night in a hostel; $1 – $3 per day on a taxi, or $30 – $60 for an intercity overnight bus ride and $8 for 2GB valid for 30 days.

The Baltic States (Lithuania)

Lithuania is a small country. Most travellers do not regard it, but it is indeed a lovely place and not just the capital city, Vilnius. It is amazingly affordable to travel in! Vilnius is vibrant and fun, with partying and fabulous nightlife. Alcohol is reasonably cheap. The Old Town in Klaipeda, Kaunas, and Curonian Spit will give you a quieter experience. However, for accommodation outside of the capital city, ensure you book in advance. Importantly, you can be spending: $10 – $15 per day on meals; $3 – $6 per day on bus rides within the city, or $15 – $20 for an intercity bus ride; $8 – $12 per night in a hostel, and get a Baltic SIM card for $7 for 3GB valid for 30 days.


Mexico has featured in movies, and wouldn’t it be just lovely to see the place for yourself! Exciting right? And also full of adventures. The country is full of culture, nature, and some delicious food! You know, Mexico and its violence, but there are some safe and beautiful places to explore. It’s super easy to travel in Mexico on a budget! With less than $20, you can visit and explore five stunning cenotes, and with less than $3, you can buy very delicious street food like tacos, quesadillas, and tortillas.

Furthermore, some places are free! Like the white sand beaches. It’s easy to get around a city, but travelling from one city to another in Mexico is quite expensive because Mexico is massive. It is preferable to rent a car, which might cost about $30 – $50 per day, and share the cost among four people.

However, if you are going to Mexico alone, stay in a city for a longer time to minimize transportation costs. Thus, you might spend: $8 – $15 per day on meals; $8 – $15 per night in a hostel; $3 – $5 per day on bus and train rides, or $30 – $50 on intercity bus ride; then $10 for 2GB valid for 30 days.


Nicaragua is one of the cheap places in Central America. The status may change as prices can go up and as mass tourism hits. This place is excellent for surfing, volcano hiking, and diving. You can walk the streets of the beautiful colonial cities and lie on the gorgeous beaches all day long. There are cheap and delicious food. Also, there are hostels everywhere! So accommodation is affordable and easy to get. Lastly, you might spend $6 – $10 per day on meals; $5 – $15 per night in a hostel; $3 – $5 per day on chicken bus rides, or $8 – $15 on intercity bus ride; and then on SIM with data, $12 for 1GB valid for 30 days.


Guatemala is covered in lush jungles, volcanos, and ruins. The cities have stunning architecture and cobblestone streets. So beautiful, you will be lost just gazing at them! Their local food is cheap and very delicious at about $3 for a complete meal. Means of transportation is less expensive but at times confusing and risky. Usually, the locals board the chicken buses. Chicken buses are converted school buses from North America. They seem to be very cheap! On average, you might spend $10 – $15 per day on meals; $10 – $15 per night in a hostel; $1 – $3 per day on chicken bus rides, or $5 – $10 on intercity bus ride; $13 for 2GB valid for 30 days.


Colombia is another affordable destination. In the city of Bogota (the lost city), there are museums, historical sites and the Amazon Rain Forest for you to visit. In Colombia, there are good diving sites and gorgeous beaches. What more? Accommodation, transportation and food are affordable. Treat yourself and book a luxurious villa for a night or two! It is a great deal! Your spending should be: $10 – $15 per day on meals; $8 – $12 per night in a hostel; $1 – $3 per day on bus rides, or $10 – $50 for an intercity bus ride; $13 for 2GB valid for 30 days.


Bolivia is a bit of a tough place. There are a lot of long, winding roads off the beaten path, the altitude is not always lovely, but there are lots to see and experience. Salt Flats, Death Road bicycle trip, the Amazon, and what’s more? The country’s ethnic diversity is enchanting! Stick to the locals to remain on a budget. Local restaurants, local buses and local guesthouses. Tour to the Salt Flats can be pretty expensive but worth it in every way! Additionally, you can spend $8 – $10 per day on meals; $8 – $12 per night in a hostel; $1 – $2 per day on local bus rides, or $8 – $15 on intercity train ride; $8 for 1GB valid for 30 days.

Arizona & Utah

The US is not a cheap place, but you can save in some areas and spend in others to even out your budget when on a road trip. Thus, you can bring along two other people for an even cheaper trip, and you will share the expense with you.

Get a national park pass for $80. This will enable you to access any national park in the US for an entire year. And you can come along with as many people as you can. You should rent a camper van ( more economical as you can be free of paying for accommodation), so you can camp on BLM land. In addition, you can cook your meals yourself and save your money! Hopefully, you will spend; $12 – $15 per day on meals; $9 per day on a camper van when shared among four people; $35 for 1GB valid for 30 days.

South Africa

In South Africa, tourist accommodations are referred to as “backpackers”. Backpackers are beautiful with unique features and affordable too. Food can be costly in South Africa. So to save money, cook your food yourself. Visit a grocery store and have a decent meal. By cooking most of your meals and occasionally dining out, you can save a lot of money.

However, it’s difficult to find public transportation outside of Johannesburg and Cape Town. Just a few private companies and trains that all provide transportation around the country. The cheapest and perhaps the best way to get around is renting a car and sharing it with 3 or 4 persons. Hence, if you spend: $12 – $15 per day on meals; $12 – $15 per night in a backpackers; $9 per day on a camper van shared among four people; $35 for 1GB valid for 30 days, you will save some of your money.


Namibia houses some outstanding and spectacular views. Talk of the gorgeous Sossusvlei, the hauntingly beautiful Deadvlei, and the massive Fish River Canyon. These are just a few. Also, Namibia may not look like a budget-friendly destination, but you need to do things a little bit differently and save some money. First, stay in a camp instead of a lodge. Lodges are expensive, about $50 – $200 per night, while if you camp at their campsites, you will spend about $8 – $10 per night. If you use a government campsite, you will spend about $15 – $18 per night. Then, you rent a 4×4 and share it with a few people to save cost.

Ensure that your accommodation comes with a communal kitchen, so you can further save money. Entrance fees into tourist sites are relatively cheap! Enjoy!

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