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Working Onboard A Cruise Ship Easy Guides.

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The cruise industry has gone through extreme and significant changes from the days of tropical vacations and transoceanic transportation. There were days when this was a luxury that was only available to the domain of society’s elite, the leisure industry that offers an affordable vacation option and a level of comfort difficult to match for the average citizen.

Now, it is the modern multi-million tourism activity with many adventure-seeking individuals every year in the world.
Quite a relatively reduced number of cruise companies compete for world market shares in different ways. However, a lot has developed innovative commercial strategies and invested budgets worth millions of dollars in researching and developing state-of-the-art vessels.

These vessels can combine; the elegance of high-quality living spaces with the cutting-edge technological concepts needed to stabilize these new floating hotels. The cruise travel network is intensely pushing the boundaries of naval construction and design to the highest limits. Also, for the possible for exceptional navigation performance and live onboard comfort. They achieve all these while maintaining the highest safety and environmental management systems and measures.

In other words, the modern cruise industry offers an option for everyone. Modern cruise is fighting hard in exceeding the expectations of its customers, with a growing number of companies. These companies are all specialized in offering more choices and alternatives. The alternatives include smaller cruise ships, yachts and sailing vessels that carry more than a hundred passengers to exotic and sometimes beautiful remote destinations and regulated ports.
However, there is a prohibition of these ships from larger liners because of the influx of these travelers in the local environment.

Operations While On Onboard

A cruise ship is very much comparable to a luxury hotel or resort, and every cruise ship employs a large number of staff numbers. Moreover, these persons work in various positions and fields. Therefore, everyone in the ship’s employ represents different possibilities and diverse potential earnings.

Many of them do not require any previous experiences or training, and some need specific forms of training. To apply for a job in some of the different departments onboard, you will have to check out their stipulated general requirements and rules of getting employment as it concerns all available positions. After checking all of this, you should compare them with your personal qualities and aspirations.

Every cruise ship company employs a wide variety of personnel, regardless of the applicant’s location, with little concern about what language they speak or their ages. After which, you can go over each available position’s salary, requirements, and functions in the following sections.

Life on every cruise ship is a unique and unforgettable experience. It is not easy to compare it to a land job. However, just a few jobs offer the chance to see any place globally, have exotic experiences and meet so many people from different countries.

Just believe that after this experience, you will find yourself becoming a well-rounded and worldly person. You would also be getting a better clarity about global issues and people from across the globe and their culture and way of life.

Whatever doubts and uncertainties you may have, I hope this article helps you clear them and encourage you to apply and experience the premium life on board. Also, note that living and working onboard a cruise ship would present a series of unforeseen circumstances for consideration compulsorily for any person interested in this labour sector.

The Cabin And Crew

These cabins are usually made small. The cabins are in decks under the passenger areas, while some are under the waterline. On most larger cruise ships, the separation of employees are sometimes by departments and nationalities. On some boats, there is a provision of communal bathrooms for the staff; the beds are bunk style, the blankets, sheets, and pillows are among the provisions by the shipping company.

The crew members are responsible for the cleanliness, care and proper maintenance of the cabins. The cabin must be kept in due order as well. The authorities of cruise ships regularly inspect the cabins to check them and make sure of the respect for the rules.

A usual major issue is usually privacy limitation. Some posts could allow having a private cabin. However, every new employee heading into an entry-level position must share a cabin with somebody. Thus making human relationships between the roommates are an essential issue.

The small places on a cruise ship usually increase possible personal differences. The successful coordination and operation of the ship depend on the cooperation of all the crew members. Every professional cruise staff is has to understand that individual differences require changes in lifestyles, leading to having a team with a high spirit.

Settling common issues such as order and cleanliness, nightlife, being a smoker or non-smoker, etc., has to be without violence. Learn to report issues beyond your control to the manager or supervisor. High avoidance of grudges and confrontations. After working for some time aboard, there is a possibility for promotion and eventually get your cabin.

Meals And Healthcare

Meals mostly depends on how the cruise ship will want to go about it. On most smaller ships, the crew members would eat the same food as the passengers. On the large vessels, the crew members have their mess hall and kitchen for the food preparation. All food and beverages served to the crew are free. So you see that everything is free except for the money you could expend when you go ashore.

The tolerance for hard drugs aboard a cruise ship is zero. The confiscation of any form of the hard drug is certain. Furthermore is the investigation of the offending crew member. And, if found guilty or caught in the act of using it, will disembark, discharged of their duties, and surrendered to the local police authorities. Besides, frequent and usual drug tests to detect their use. There are also mini-clinics and nursing stations to treat everyone when sick or for an emergency.

General Training And Drills

There are usually a bunch of training offered to staff of a cruise ship—the training range from passengers management to safety and emergency drills. Due to the government and guiding fleet regulations, crew members have to participate in constant safety and general emergency drills.

During the time off, the crew members can go ashore if the ship lands on the port. The pieces of training also cover areas on attitude toward passengers, crew members and supervisors. All the passengers expect to have a very unique and pleasant experience while they are on board.

The crew members are always charged to maintain a smiling and positive attitude towards the passengers. The correct operation of every cruise ship demands the perfect coordination of every crew member. Everyone must know each other and cooperate to solve any personal problems.

The proper maintenance of the personal relationship is as necessary as the care of the vessel. Since this is an international working environment and the personnel come from dozens of countries worldwide, English is a general language for all the crew members. There is usually a ranking that is presided over by the master or captain of the ship. It is the supreme authority on board.

The personnel staff has to get familiar with the different ranks of the officers, such as deck officers, engine officers, etc., on board. The new employees receives education about it during their training period.

Bank Operations and Possible Expenses

Typically, every crew member receives payment twice a month, and there are several alternatives made available for payment. You can send money home by available traditional mail service in port or through an international money order. You could also keep it with you aboard the ship and open a savings account when the ship ports. A security safe is also provided for the crew members, in any case, but it is purely a personal choice.

The significant expense on a cruise ship with almost everything free is communication with land. Communication systems, such as fax, telephone, internet services or telex, are more expensive than on land, except for traditional mail, which has proven very easy. Electronic mails are not always available for crew members on board.
Another considerable expense which depends on the company and the contract is the airfare. A crew member need to pay for an air ticket, or the shipping company or the employment agency can pay for this expense.

Also, new employees pay for a trip deposit of between $400 and $500. The reimbursement of the expense is at the end of the contract. The refund of this deposit can be in the event of dismissal or resignation, but to pay the return ticket. However, most large companies don’t demand this deposit.

Documentation and working expectations

Documentations are always needed to work onboard the cruise ship. Documentation criteria vary depending on the shipping company and the employee’s country. If the person should work on a vessel operating around USA or Canada, it is usually necessary to procure a VISA except for American and Canadian citizens. The applicant can obtain this visa in any American Consulate. However, it is better to make the visa after the confirmation of the shipping company sending contract to you.

Any other place around the world would depend on the local legal system. There is the need for a national or international passport, and it is advisable to also bring a birth certificate. As for access to the ship, before embarking as a crew member on board any cruise ship, there are many requirements and economic costs to consider.

There will be long shifts and extensive working days of about 12 to 14 hours a day and seven days a week. As a result, you could suffer from seasickness such as nausea, dizziness, etc. Although there is always time off, however, the employees can work twenty-four hours a day. Lastly, remember to book your flights and hotels here.

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